Friday, 26 October 2012

Eid Mubarak, Earthlings!


Since every single person in the batch wants to post his or her wishes on the Facebook group wall, so does the admin of the blog. The difference is, this is not a wall or something (obviously!) that everyone can post on to. So, just let the admin does what he is best at. Okie?


The night shines where the moon clings,
As of the owl forgets what it brings,
Dear brothers and sisters, here's my wishing, 
Eid Mubarak to all, my dear Earthlings.


May this joyous Eid gives you a resplendent moment with your beloveds. Engross yourselves with the meaning of sacrifice protruded by Prophet Ibrahim a.s and Prophet Ismail a.s while carrying the injunction of Allah. May us all be blessed by Allah.


footnote : Raya2 jugak, don't eat too much yeah.. =)

Tuesday, 23 October 2012

InnAllaha Ma'ana..


Tribulation knows not the boundaries of us,
For it eternally spares what it encompasses,
Neither Allah sends to wear, what more of damages,
If not for us to strive and stay focus.

May other comes the time of another,
Propelling stronger if we to self-gather,
Pleading for more begging and tear,
To give in not, we shan't be fear.

Afraid not my fellow friend,
Light of hope shines we don't know when,
Secrets of Allah remind us where we stand,
To better us of being a man.

Believe in Allah together we supine,
Shoulder-to-shoulder to straighten our line,
Ikhtiar we spend, efforts of divine,
"InnAllaha ma'ana", InsyaAllah we'll be fine..

Of last advice I shall chart,
Share the wisdom, ease the hard,
Together we stand, there we start, 
"We serve the Ummah" unites our heart.


I've to admit, that I'm really bad in word-twisting things like this. This more sounded like a failed shakespeare-to-be masterpiece or some sorts of that. Lantak la, ada aku kesah..?? lol~~

I'm not that good in giving tazkirah fluently in front of crowds. What more of trying to make people ease by my words. But, the content is still the same.

Given the current circumstances, we should already realize what's happening around us. Be it personal matter, or the batch's matter. Allah gives us more problems to solve day by day. Knowing the fact that Allah does not put a burden on ones exceeding their limits, we shall keep calm and carry on. Gather our strength and put some efforts onto it. Do pray to Allah that He may ease us all.

Remember. Indeed! Allah is always with us all.

footnote : You can call this pantun or whatever, but I hope you find it inspiring. =)

Sunday, 21 October 2012

Antibiotik Jadi Racun


Kaifa hal guys? Hope that all of us are in the pink of health. =)

This morning, I was reading through my Berita Harian newspaper, that I found a quite inspiring and mind jolting article for us pharmacists to take a wide-open eye on. It was about the usage of antibiotic by consumers without the prescription from medical doctor.

It was said that there are a few pharmacy outlets nationwide which sell and dispense antibiotics arbitrarily without the doctor's prescription. This opens the door for consumers to use antibiotics though their body system does not need such antibiotics.

Ini dari BHOnline.

According to them (the news), usage of antibiotics without the proper necessity could mould Superbug (mutated bacteria) which eventually make antibiotics defenseless for such bacteria.

From my point of view, the problem arouse when the people started to take care too much of themselves, yet blindly consume drugs which are unknown to them (unless they take all those subjects we are suffering from, then they are knowledgeable). They buy drugs from pharmacy stores without any medical advice, knowing the fact that the right drugs will heal right diseases. This is true to a certain extent, but medical attention should start from diagnosis, shouldn't it?

Ok. We should not make all the blame onto the consumers. We as pharmacists also have responsibility to shoulder. Guide the people to the right prescriptions. New drugs are produced daily and we ought to equip ourselves with the information related to those things. It is the health of people we care for, right? Don't let other people to pinpoint to pharmacists when such cases occur.

We work for Allah. Together we serve the ummah.


footnote : Alert with things around you makes you one step ahead in the mainstream. Or at least along with the mainstream.

Friday, 19 October 2012

Happy Holiday..


A month plus has gone, knowing the fact that we actually have indulged ourselves in the pharmacy business. Yet, we have a lot more to learn, many tonnes more to endure, a lot more of the precious time has to be spent. Until the end. The 4th year InsyaAllah, we aim for more knowledge to be gained and the scroll of Degree in Pharmacy to credit us as a Pharmacist.

Nothing much actually. Few words of intro. Just to make us realize that we come to Kulliyyah of Pharmacy to gain knowledge. To equip ourselves with the knowledge of a pharmacist.

Now, holiday has started. Though it's only a week while, but InsyaAllah it would be enough for us to spend our time to sleep gather with our family, to merry the joyous Eid Adha-to-come. Oh yes! Not to forget. Revising too. AGAIN. REVISING. Not ZOMBIE-ing. LOL~~

As the sacred and very baraqah Eid Adha is coming, we should cleanse our inner parts, as in the iman we have for Allah. Refresh our iman, daily. Every time perhaps.

This is kinda "PERUTUSAN HARI RAYA AIDILADHA" from our batch leader, bro Adli. Just relating it to Eidul Adha. =)

To all who are going back home, have a safe journey.


footnote : I would like to apologize to all members of Rx11 if ever since my presence in this blog has annoyed anybody, has make a laugh of somebody, or has nothing to do with everybody. May Allah bless us all.

Wednesday, 17 October 2012

ECG Practical


Enough with laughter here and there during the classes and chit chats wherever you had them. Now, we come to serious part. And when I say serious, it should be damn SERIOUS. Brace yourselves.


ECG practical isn't that as boring heavy as the lectures in the auditorium. In the class, you may yawn widely and you may hear, "Hey Mamat. Tidur pulak dia~~" and sort of things. But in the practical, you may see the other way around. It's still the mouth widely opened, but this time it is the laughter and the scaredy-cat thingies.

Dealing with patients is not only the work of GP, but us too. So, we have been exposed to the practical of ECG, how to read the ECG thing (which I don't know how they can read without a single alphabet there..) and how to locate those colorful wiring on the chest and limbs. Actually, I don't know how to put those processes into words, so you may please yourselves with a video taken from the brother's ECG practical.


This video is posted with the permission of the specimen person involved. 

Ok. While waiting this video to buffer (affected from VERRRYYYY SLOW internet connection), you may also want to take a glance at these pictures.

"Hey Mamat! Baring diam2 la. Gelak2~~"

"Hok ni. Cucuk macam ni.. Pehe dok..?"


"BALE!! Banyok ni wayar tarok kat tangan aku. Kene tulis wasiat la pahni.."

"Buat ECG dalam IMAN~~~"
ke iklan ubat gigi ni..

"Letak kat sini la.." kata Sharul
Kau tunjuk mana tu Sharul.. hehe.. " balas Izham. #evillaugh
"Bale diorang ni.." Farid dan ekspresinya..

"Make sure korang ingat position ni. Penat posing maut ni.." kata SIPOLAN

Resit Keputusan ECG dah keluar dah..  Tinggal 3 Jumaat lagi je la ni..

Where are sisters? In the lab-next-door (where we brothers are STRICTLY PROHIBITED to go). There are few more photos. Since they are under CLASSIFIED and UNPLEASANT labels, so be them safe in brothers files. Ok. =)

footnote : The feeling of being a medical student was suddenly running through my veins. Temporarily though. Don't you think..?

Friday, 12 October 2012

The Fry-Day


I don't know if it's only me who feeling this in some ways, but this time of Friday really made me feel a bit awkward and 'fried'. 'Fried' in the sense that I felt like suffering from what-the-heaven-is-happening-today things (if you know what I mean). Today's schedule was not that packed, really. But, I felt zombie-ing at times.

First thing first.

We started off today with a tazkirah by Bro. Asyrafuddin (Iqram Dinzly-like. Somebody said that). The tazkirah revolved around the importance of having a humble personality. As more knowledge we gain everyday, the riya' or being proud of oneself could stack up deep inside him or her. To counter, we should remember Allah at all times and realize that all we have now are solely belong to Allah.

sempoi je~~

Thanks to Asyrafuddin for the tazkirah. =)

Then, followed by the Pharmacy Practice class by Madam Siti Halimah Bux. Quite interesting, to be frank. Frolicking around calculations. And she said that, she would let the class to cease earlier since some of us wanted to have break at the cafe. Everybody was like so happy and very energized all of a sudden. And when it came to the last 15 minutes (I guess...), then she said...

"Ok. We finish. Now, it's QUIZ time!!!"

Hoyeah! It's pop quiz AGAIN. Unexpectedly. Really woke me up from my slumber sleepiness. Good method, but not at a good time. =(

Then, we had break. Right after that, Dr Elamin wanted to have a replacement class earlier since he has to attend a meeting in the afternoon. It's ok, rather than to postpone it after the midsem holiday. He started his lecture at around 10.50 am and try to guess, at what time he finish the lecture?

It's 12.45 pm. 

Study ke tu..?

2-hour lecture was not small thing, you know. Even one of the brothers finished revising his Anatomy thingy just within that 2 hours. That's a big achievement. *big clap* The point is, even 1 hour lecturing is suffering sufficient. But when it goes over the limit, you'll see zombies everywhere then. LOL~

By the way, during that lecture, a 'handout' was passed among the brothers. Nothing much actually. Just to fill up the 'empty' 2-hour lecture. We done some voting to elect the new batch leader for next semester. Here's the thing..

LOL.. And the winner goes to..................(drum rolling).............. ADLI MUS. 

Ok. Forget about these 2 paragraphs. We'd never overthrow Adli. So, Adli! Keep your place and carry on. =)

After Jumaat prayer, at 4.15 pm, we had our first official un-popped Quiz for Anatomy and Histology. At first, everyone looked very excited to have this quiz. Fluttering. All seemed new. The OMR paper set. The questions. The unexpected questions.

Yang buat 'peace' tu sila jangan perasan orang amek gambar dia ye.. *wink2*

Discuss.. discuss.. and discuss...

"Oh NO! Y U Married So Early??" *with that kind of expression*

"Ni.. hangpa cuba la amek si Syafiq ni buat menantu. Baik budak ni.." kata Razeen
"Sungguh ka..? Ok. " balas Adib
*tersipu2..* -Syafiq-

"Hok jari ni, kalau buat Starlight memang lebam tau tak.."

"Sek2 ni bising je.. aku nak study pun tokleh.."

Right after the Quiz, ZOMBIE~~

"Apalah nasib quiz aku ni.. haish.."

Forever alone..?

=) There gone one more exciting day in our first-year life here. One Fry-day Friday.

Footnote : Nyeow!!

Tuesday, 9 October 2012

Let's Improve Ourselves




It's been a while since we have been brought together by Allah during the White Coat Ceremony at the KOP Auditorium. From that moment, we pledge to follow the rules and regulations that we have oath-ed as pharmacists. And being in a crowd of more than 100 people is not an easy thing. Some might feel discomfort from the attitudes of that bunch of people.


As the author of the blog, I might regard myself with things that have been posted in this blog. I do receive some compliments, and I do also hear some complaints (more of suggestions, I guess) in complementing this blog's constancy. To be straight, I've received some complaints regarding me doing the picture-taking of the Rx11 members, especially to the sisters. I've been taking pictures merely for the blog posts, and I DO filter some of the pictures, which they might look bad, I'll delete the pictures instantaneously. As for the sisters', I did take your pictures as to regard all of us as one batch.


However, as I've mentioned earlier, I did delete pictures that looked unpleasant. I only shared pictures that look OK, from my point of view. Since some of the 'members' (Sis only) that dislike their pictures to be taken and posted here, I'll delete the pictures having sisters on sight. I respect your request as a woman and my sisters in Islam. My apology for taking your pictures without permission. Yet, I really hope that this blog will not be fully-filled with brothers on camera only, but also among the sisters. We're One Big Family, huh?

Susah senang, sama-sama...

Second thing (perhaps my last point) is that we as a batch should work together accordingly. By means, all the work in making decision, solving problems, work behind the scenes, microphone settings, etc.. All workforce should be carried out together. By right, we should not only see brothers doing all the jobs, but sisters too. Of course, we don't ask sister to carry the whiteboard down for Dr Noriah's lectures. More of light thingies, lah.. ok? Together we work, together we serve the ummah.

Takkan la lelaki je yang aktif, kan?
Of my last paragraph, once again, I would like to seek for apology from all members of Rx11 for any wrongdoings and misunderstanding occurred. I want to emphasize here that this post is solely my own opinion. Not the opinion of the brothers in the batch. If there is any similarity, that's merely coincidence. In line with that, I wish to seek for any suggestions to better the blog and the batch, in any terms. InsyaAllah, Rx11 serves the ummah. Let's improve ourselves. =D


footnote : It's not that long right? =) Thank you for reading..

Monday, 8 October 2012

Futsal Time!!


Kaifa hal, guys? Good? Stress? Being zombie enough? Chillax yeah.. =D

Right after classes today, 22 brothers hung out for some futsal playing at Dewan Serbaguna near our place. Yeah. Only 22. The remaining? Biarlah rahsia~~ LOL.

Kereta batch?? =)

We played by ourselves. To tighten our brotherhood, you could say. As I  recall, this was the first event held by brothers as a whole batch. Indeed, there were some games played, inter-batch, inter-course, etc..  yet I don't think that those were the official ones.

Enough with the nagging story-ing.. Let's see some photos taken. Beforehand, I would like to apologize for the poor quality of the photos. Enjoy!!

"Korang dah ready ke nak main ni..?" bak kata klasrep.

Barisan pemain handalan...

"Bila aku nak dapat bola pulak ni...?"

"Awat loqlaq sangat main tu...?"

"Kome ni.. cuba la main elok2 sikit. Aurat kome tu jaga.."

Oleh kerana kehebatan melampau pemain ini, gambar beliau dikaburkan...

"Takde orang lagi beb yang lepas gol aku ni.."

Dah jatuh riak dah tu...

"Saya boleh buat camni..."

"Ada aku kesah..."

"Anak2.. Ni biar ayah tunjukkan cara amek corner dengan betul ye..."

"Pandai main, bayar pun kenalah pandai jugak~~"

"Semat tak buat cani..?"

*Tangan ke dada, mata ke atas...*

WARNING! Don't try this at anyplace at anytime. 

InsyaAllah, if Allah permits, we'll organize more of such events. Throwing some parties, perhaps? o.0


Footnote : Sister bila lagi..?