Thursday, 11 September 2014

ICIP 2014: Our Story



International Conference of Industrial Pharmacy (ICIP 2014) was successfully held at Swiss-Garden Resorts and Spa, Kuantan on 16 - 17 August 2014. This international event was intended to gather many researchers and academicians from around the world to meet and share knowledge on their researches.

And about 20 brothers from Rx11 were invited to perform a cultural performance, namely 'Dikir Barat' and band performance. To be precise, we were proposed by Dr Hazrina back then during last year's IKOD for this performance. We started to practice our dikir nearly the end of last semester. Yup. Days before study week started.

Posing before pergi perform..

Our fan from India.. *kelaaas gitew..*
Queen of the night
With Br Faris pon join.. not the dikir of course
A week before the event started, we gathered back in IIUM and put front our best efforts to this performance. Days and nights. Gone through much sweat here and there (damn much sweat!!). And Alhamdulillah. The result was as what you can watch below.

Best performers..
Though the performance were not of the best imitation of the real dikir, but this is our version of dikir. Laughter. Spontaneous. Much so. Thanks to Dr Hazrina, Br Badri and all those who are directly and indirectly involved in the making the event a success. Much looking forward to this event in the nearest future.

footnote: Dengar2 ada 'job' baru untuk dikir kami.. hehe

Wednesday, 3 September 2014

It's back-to-school time


Well. I could say it has been ages since my personal touch has ever filled this column of blog. Pretty many things happened around while we are having our bliss and blessed holiday. Hoped so.

So, how is your holiday? Pretty good, I guess.

With the remaining 3-4 days to the opening of the new semester, I reckon you guys might mind to spend every precious seconds with fellow friends and families. Yeah you sure do before you might ended up with piles of books and notes on your desk preparing for quizzes and exams.

To those who are enjoining our new brothers and sisters of Rx13, keep your spirit up and give them all those bunches of advice to be in our beloved Kulliyyah. Scare Encourage them.

To fellow new Rx13 members, welcome aboard. Fasten you seat belts tight enough. It's getting pretty fast here in the Kulliiyah. =) Pep talk. Sounded so, right?

Some tips before resuming to our miserable joyful mission of seeking knowledge:

1. You better get warm up a little bit. Read some encyclopedias, Campbell's biology books, wikis (most recommended, not for lecturers) or anything that will boost up your brain a bit

2. The above advice is optional, though.

3. Prepare all your belongings properly. You sure don't want ended up shopping at ECM looking for bed sheets and pillows at the eleventh hour.

4. Bring the purest and sincere hearts of yours. Seek forgiveness from parents and God, so that our path to seeking knowledge will be blessed and eased.

That's all, earthlings. Chin up. Holidays over. Classes approaching. Be prepared.

footnote: Ngantok la pi kelas pahni... adeyai.. =.='

Sunday, 31 August 2014

Wedding Day - Syaza Amira & Naim


It was a fine morning. This would be the first wedding of my batchmate I ever attended from the scratch. From the moment she dressed up to the end of the wedding.

Ready to convoy to Masjid Putra Nilai.

Arrived and the weather was just fine for the big day.

Everyone's busy for the walimah, so our job was to accompany and help the bride.

While waiting for the akad, we went to 'tour' around and went to see the pelamin

Pelamin of the day #potd

Shafiqah helping out the official photographer

Syaza photoshooting

Before everyone came, we already 'merasmikan' pelamin. PAs of the day #potd

The bride was nervous, so the eleven-mates were there, helping her to calm down.

Akad nikah. Sekali lafaz ja. Alhamdulillah.

Right after akad nikah.

Pengantin berarak masuk dewan.

Waiting for pengantin to finish makan beradab

Maybe Sy. Nazira will be the next?

Tak sempat bergambar dengan pengantin atas pelamin.

With RX11

Sorry that I couldn't share many pictures due to the request made by the bride. Overall, it was a great one and I hope our presence made your wedding more meaningful.

Among eleven who were there were Shafiqah, Izzati, Zahidah, Izma, Sy. Nazira, Sh. Shakira, Shikin, Nadhirah Abdullah, Waheeda, Fathanah, Rabiatuladawiyah, Syafiqah Ahmad, Kak Bi, Abam, Nadhirah Hilmi, Fharahain & Husband, Farid Taib, Afif, Aiman Abi, Syafiq Amin, Nazrin, Acap & Izham.

The wedding ended around 4.00++ in the evening. And then they off to wedding photoshoot in Putrajaya and we made our way home.


Barakallahu lakuma wa baraka 'alaikuma wa jama'a bainakuma fil kheir !

Photo credit : ShafiqalIsmail SyNazira ShShakira IzzatiSharif ShikinOsman Zahidah

Sunday, 29 June 2014

Ramadhan Rendezvous


Well. Sitting back and lay down on your comfy couches all day long at home do not make your Ramadhan this year a memorable one.


Ramadhan comes again and now it comes with a new spirit. Spirit of change I could say. Some of us might be waiting for this month to come since the last Ramadhan. Or might also happen to some of us who just being, "Oh Ramadhan??!! How fast the time flies.. I didn't even notice when the Syaaban comes.." or something like that.

The spirit I was talking about is the spirit that each and everyone of us should have. Change in terms of attitude. Morality. Speech. And even our daily lifestyle and makan-style. Ramadhan is a university of change that rendezvous us 29-30 days in a year and graduating from it with flying colours ought to be added in our wishlist.

You see. We were striving and struggling soo damn hard during our classes and quizzes and exams to get what we call excellence. So, why don't we grab those spirit and implement them during this Ramadhan. Strive for the best. Pray hard. Aim for the best khusyuk ever. Run through those pages our Quran everyday. Set our goal of finishing the Quran. Tadabbur would be better and list goes on..

We actually know what should be done to attain the blessings from Allah, especially during the Ramadhan. We know all the goodness and rewards gained from our deeds. We know all sorts of things. All we want now is the spirit. The zeal that boosts us to do as many as possible the good things. So, pray to Allah for He will be the guidance to our spirit throughout this Ramadhan.

Above all. We are just entering the first day of Ramadhan. And many days will be coming and waiting. Hence, use the time wisely and make sure that when we graduate from this Ramadhan, we graduate with at least attaining Allah's list and be happy with it in the hereafter. Straighten our niat. Be sincere.


footnote: Salam Ramadhan kareem to all. Make this Ramadhan better than before. =)

Thursday, 26 June 2014

Community Service at Kampung Bukit Bertam



Alhamdulillah. Praise be to Allah for His blessings. How's you guys doing this holiday? Good? I hope that we can fill it in with many beneficial activities.

On the 21st and 22nd of June 2014, Rx11 had conducted a community service at Kampung Bukit Bertam, Batu Kurau, Perak. 78 of us had journeyed there as early as the 19th to get all things prepared. Some came by cars, and some were on buses. Alhamdulillah. Allah had made the program flew smoothly.

Series of meetings were conducted between the two parties and we faced many obstacles; from very small things like stickers until the very big one like the change of kampong at the very last minute. All we faced together, and Alhamdulillah. Everything went well.

We aimed to make a bond and relationship with the residents of the kampong and  immerse ourselves into the feelings of their affliction and life difficulties. Touched. That's all I could say. Touched to see their survival. Touched because in the middle of their everyday inconveniences, they were willingly be helpful hands to our program.

On the 21st, we're having gotong royong around the kampong. Picked up all the trash, planted some flowers, set up tents and canopies for the program. And not to forget, EAT!! Yes, that's a part I don't know why it happened to be in our gotong royong session. haha. Truly, the residents served us durians and kueh and tea. They really enjoy to serve us with foods (until at a point come across my mind; who comes to serve who actually.. hehe).

Gotong Royong

merase jugak naik lori keliling kampong..
muka kitorang takde dalam banner ni. Duk tepi pegang pun jadi la.
Sebelum nak membanting tulang untuk gotong royong..
Lepas amek, gambar kita membantai durian pulak (jeles!!)
sweet tak kami?? (muka aiman memang tak bleh blah.. haha)
"ko cari apa zee??" tanya Raihan
"Nak tengok cukup tak sampah kita kutip ni. Nanti kata kita tak kutip pape plak.." balas Zee
"Tetibe rasa tough pulak angkat benda ni.." monolog Helmi
"Kamilah pejuang2 yang akan mempertahankan kampong ni.."

"Aku rasa kerusi untuk kau duduk kita letak kat situ la Farid" cadang Rashid
" Tak nak tak nak. Aku nak duduk kat sini jugak.." balas Farid
"Ngade la Farid. Tak kasi duduk baru tau..hehe" sampuk Acap
"Hehe.." gelak Rashid

"Apew ni. Takmo la tangkap gambew titew. Titew letih la gotong royong.."
"Line clear Rashid. Amek banyak sket.." kata Acap
"Ok2. Kalau nampak tuan rumah, bagitau la.." balas Rashid
"Ha... Yang amek makan lebih tadi, sila tampil ke depan.." arah Cikgu Husni
"Nasib baik aku tak amek lebih.." monolog Syafiq Zaabah
Khusyuk dengar briefing

"Korang nanti bersihkan elok2 tau.. Takmo curi2 tulang.." arah KD
Baik bos..
"Ala.. Korang takyah nak rajin sangat. Dia kasi arahan, dia sendiri main2.." kata Syafiq

"Adeyai.. Tengahari ni ada lauk ape ek.. lapar la.." monolog Rashid
"Sharul, ko rasa sapa menang World Cup nnti..?" tanya Azlan
"Krik2.. Aku mana tengok bola ni. " monolog Sharul

After Zuhr, we came back to the village for a little tour. The JKKK of the kampong explained to us about the kampong and guided us to the houses we're going to visit. Some of the houses were really poor (I couldn't describe it here. sobs.). Well. The visit was not an empty-handed activities. We delivered a 5kg pack of rice (from UIA. thanks), detergent, soap, etc. With this little help, it could at least put a smile on their faces. 

Village Tour

Kampong ni besar. Semuanya ada 308 orang penduduk..
"Kawasan2 ni yang kamu semua akan pergi.." terang cikgu Khusni
"Macam sikit sangat je rumah nak pergi ni. Takkan 10 je kot" tanya Helmi
"Cukup la tu. Yang penting kualiti ziarah tu.." balas Epul

"Bagus budak ni. Boleh buat menantu.." monolog makcik
"Nek, buat gaya AliCafe sket..." mintak Aiman (Aiman yang mana2 pon boleh)
"Nek ada cucu perempuan yang tak kawen lagi..?" tanya Izham
"Ada. Nanti nenek kenal2 kan dengan kamu. Hantaran RM 10K. Boleh?" balas nenek

Peace yo...
"Makcik pon ada sorang anak laki. Boleh le kamu kenal2 nanti.." rekemen Makcik
"Yes!!" monolog Razinah
"Makcik sihat ke..?" tanya Liyana penuh prihatin
"Alhamdulillah. Makcik sihat2 je.." balas makcik
"Nenek terharu dengan kamu semua datang sini. Terhibur sket nenek.." luah nenek
"Sedih. Nak nangis lak rasanya.." monolog Syafiq

"Ular ni makan orang tak ni..?" tanya Izham
"Aku rilek je. Steady la Ijam.." balas Aiman
After Asr on the same day, we had our opening ceremony and sukaneka for all the residents. It was really fun actually to gather the residents in the field and had our activities together. A unique thing that I could say "heritage" of the kampong was they have their own 'band' namely, Klasik Pemuzik Jalanan. 

And we talk about classic, they are truly 'classic' and they proud of it. In any occasions, they will be there. And they are very good. At a time, they presented to us 4 songs in a row. Salute to the band. 

Opening & Sukaneka

PM program kita, Farid Fakrik.. (ni betul).

Saya terharu dengan kedatangan semua orang di sini.. Rasa nak nangis.
Boleh saya kesat air mata jap..?
Baju merah: Penghulu
Batik Kuning: Ketua kampung
Baju biru: Ketua cawangan UMNO (tak silap la..)
"Yang kalah, mai sini amek gula2 dengan abang Afiq.." panggil Afiq
"Fahmi, jom tunjuk skill silat sikit.." ajak Farhan (kembarnya)
"Jom...!!" balas Fahmi
Antara anggota Klasik Pemuzik Jalanan
"Mak, saya boleh keluarkan asap dari mulut. Hebat tak anak emak..?"
"Mana aci pakai tangan. Aku pon boleh gitu.." kata budak baju merah
"Ala takpe. Abang tinggi tak nampak.." balas budak baju oren

"Kaum ibu, boleh start lambung belon tu.."
"Tipah, sambut aku baling ni.." seru Timah
"OK. Aku ready..." balas Tipah
"Adek, jom main tiup2 tepung tu. Nanti akak ajarkan camne.."
"Jaga leklok sket belon ni Kiah,," kata Jenab
"Baik le Jenab.." balas Kiah
"Adek duduk dengan akak ek. Emak nak main sukan tu.. Kita sorak untuk emak deh.."
"Ewaaah.. Rebut kerusi tu" tepuk Acap
Ketua Kampung turut serta..
"Ni main tipu ni. Dah keluar da ni.." seru Epul
"Mana ada weyh. Pakcik dapat kerusi ni dulu.." balas pakcik.

Barisan kepimpinan JKKK bahagian wanita yang baru. Tahniah Feyna
"Cukup tak hadiah untuk budak2 ni..?" tanya Izzati
"Aku tengah buat la ni.." balas Mazlina
Sambut Leman..!!!
Majlis diserikan dengan Zayn Malik, diiringi oleh Klasik Pemuzik Jalanan.
Duhai Dinda~~~
Dah2 le tu Meon. Keluar je le. Kamu tu dah kalah.. haha
"Tarik2. Dah kalah tu.." kata Acap

"Lepas penat kita bermain, jom kita menjamu selera ye.." ajak cikgu Khusni
"Yeay.. Makan!!" kata Fatin
We too have our time together among the members of the batch. At the 21st night, we have our bonding session where we were playing 'Super Spontan'. We divided into teams and had to compete each other. Each team had to pick up one item and spontaneously make use of the item to be used as different purpose. We really had time chillin' together

Rx11 Bonding

"Abi, ada hantu nak tangkap Umar.." kata Umar
"Ko panggil aku ape.. Nak kene budak ni.." balas Zul
Hai .. Hot tak saya.. ? hehe
Ombak datang...
"Ko buat gaya ape tu Razeen..?" tanya Amir
"Entah la. Gerak je la badan tu.." balas Razeen

"Time2 ni jugak la dia nak amek gambar.." monolog Shak
"Razeen, agak2 aku masuk gambaq tak ni.." tanya Maddu
"Mesti masuk. Hang kan hensem.." balas Razeen
Adek2 semua. Angkat takbir lagu ni nah..
"Mak saya kata, kalau nak masuk minang, kene habes degree dulu.." promote Anis
"Macam mana la nak buat gaya lagu Gemuruh ni. Macam payah je.." kata Syafiqah
"Hensem la brother yang kepala hampir botak tu.. hehe" monolog Siraj
"Gemuruh jiwaaaa!!!" teriak Mazlina
"Ya Allah. Kuat pulak budak ni nyanyi. sakit telinga" respons Fatin
"Cepat2 posing weyh. Ada orang amek gambar ni.." ajak Aina
Penat posing. Takde orang pon amek gambar

"Pasu bunga terpakai ni boleh buat kepala keretapi.." kata Izham
"Benda ni boleh main tarik tali.."
"Tengok Shak main snooker guna benda.. Haaa. Style kan.." kata Shak
"Wow... sape yang bagi ucapan tu. Nak kenal.." semua terkesima
saya kosong lagi. Tapi tempat ke-2,3 dan 4 je la.. hehe
"Bukan nak ajak aku jadi pengapit pon Aiman ni.. hmm." kata Rashid kecewa
Bermaafan sesama kita

On the next day (22nd), we joined a kenduri and lent a hand to their kenduri and did rewang together. At the same time, we did a health screening for the residents at the nearby house. The health screening were conducted by pharmacists at the kampong (whom they are about to open a new pharmacy store at the kampong) and we also lent a hand there. At the same time also, we had mini games for children.

Three things simultaneously. Fuuuh. But Alhamdulillah. Everything went well


"Ko dah basuh tangan belum ni Shak.? Dah la nak basuh beras" tanya Syafiqah
"Ko jangan risau. Bersih punya." balas Shak
"Kuat betul bau jering ni..." monolog Liyana
"Perhatikan ye budak2. Chef Lukamn beraksi.."
"Tough tak aku..?" tanya Syafiq
"Betulkan niat..." balas Farid

"Makcik selalu buat rewang2 macam ni..?" tanya Zahirah
"Selalu je. Nanti kenduri anak makcik plak. Jemput datang le" balas makcik
"Check gula tu tak sakit pakcik. Macam kene sunat je.." explain Syawal
"Fuyyooo..  Tepat tu.." kata Najihah
"Tu je.." balas Afif
The real pharmacist in the house beraksi
Selamat pengantin baru

During the night, we had a closing ceremony for our program. The JKKK asked us to present some performances aside from the performance by the residents. So, it was like a 'competition' between the kampong and us. The kampong presented Klasik Pemuzik Jalanan with 4 songs in a row, a magician with tricks, a band of youngsters performing 2 songs. We gave a dikir barat, poem about Rasulullah and our theme song, 'Gemuruh'. 

Closing Ceremony

Video dikir barat, performed by brothers. Persiapan untuk dikir ni tak sampai 24 jam pun. 

"Eh.. silap step.." monolog Sakinah

Of all, Alhamdulillah. The program went very well. Nothing that I could put on to describe the awesomeness of the kampong and its residents. May Allah bless the kampong. From the bottom of our heart, we would like to thank all who involved directly or indirectly in making this program a success. We also would like to convey our deepest regrets for any shortcomings and inconveniences caused. May Allah bless us all

footnote: Berbakti pada masyarakat sudah, kita berbakti pada keluarga pulak.. =) Salam Ramadhan Al-Mubarak.