Friday, 21 February 2014

Sister’s Day!!!

Last Sunday (16th February 2014), 59 students of rx11 sisters were having a have-fun-day from 9.00 a.m. till 2.30 p.m. at Sungai Pandan @ Sungai Pancing waterfall. It is kinda weird to wake up early in the morning especially on Sunday but with the spirit to strengthen the ukhuwwah between us and to see the beauty of nature at the Sungai Pandan waterfall we ‘purified’ our intention (tajdid niat la konon) to go there.
There were so many exciting activities including swimming, diving, berendaming and of course EATING! :-) We were so lucky because there were expert chefs who are taking pharmacy course in our batch and guess what, we had nasi lemak for breakfast and nasi goreng for lunch...not to forget BBQ.....This nasi lemak was homemade. Delicious! While waiting for the lunch, we played game which was “guess what?” game. In this game one person will present in any way the things that others need to think. If others wrongly guess within one minute, water-splashing will be done to the repsentative person. Unfortunately, no one get the water-splashing punishment.
At the end of our rehlah, our big boss of the programme, Fadhilah Najwa would like to thank to those who were coming and helping in making our programme to become success. *big CLAP* She also hope that ALL the Rx11 sisterians can join for the next programme if there is any. Maybe, sisters from other batch will also be invited so that we can know each batch very well.

The Talking Pictures!
Subhanallah. Beautiful right?

Say cheese! Rombongan meminang si gadis misteri.
Our journey begin….
Rombongan yang tidak pernah putus! Macam semut beratur kan?
“Mira, kau rasa jauh lagi ke rumah gadis misteri tu?”---Mia
“Entahlah. Aku dah malas nak jalan ni. Nak posing je.”----Mira

“Turun dalam lagi! Duduk lama-lama dalam tu! Aku nak tengok korang punya otot boleh kejang tak.”----Jannah
“Apalah dosa kami kena rendam pulak…Bila nak sampai rumah gadis misteri macam ni..”---mangsa
“Kami dah berendam lama tak jadi apa-apa pun…Ceria gembira lagi.”

Rombongan berhenti beberapa ketika bagi menikmati keindahan alam semula jadi.
“Buat penat aku je bergaya kat depan ni ha. Korang sedap-sedap je selca.”—Sakinah
“Macam ni kawan-kawan, dapur kita tu dari tadi lagi tak keluar asap dia. Jadi, sementara menunggu asap keluar, mehla dengar saya bercerita.”—‘Izzah
“Kelakarnya cerita dia….hilang terus lapar aku..”—Fathanah
Nyum nyum…sedapnyeeeee
ati n dija
Nasi lemak! Home made!! Seriouslyyy delicious!!
“Makan cepat2 weh. Kita dah takde masa ni.”--Khadijah
“Ok anak-anak semua, makan kasi habis tau! Tadi lapar sangat.”—Ati @ makcik kantin.
“Baik…. makcik!....”
“Sekarang semua dah kenyang. Apa kata kita teruskan misi kita?”—Anis
“Strategi kita apa bos?”—Ainul
“Hmmm..apa kata kita berpecah? Ainul, awak jalan sorang-sorang boleh?”---Razinah @ Bos
“Erkk..betui ka jalan aku pilih ni? Satgi kang depa tinggai kat aku sorang..”—Ainul
Nak sampai dah ni…..
zee n shakirah
“View ni cantik ni nak merakam memori indah bersama….”----Razinah & Shakirah
“Success! Mission Accomplished. What a day!”
“Tahniah kerana anda telah Berjaya sampai ke rumah si gadis misteri! Jange jemu date lagi deh..”
“Hehe..baru diorang tahu susah senang nak masuk rumah aku!”— Nafilah @ gadis misteri
“Takleh jadi nih. Aku rasa dah cukup susah aku buat misi ni untuk diorang. Takpe, NEXT TIME!!”

Thank you for reading. Hope you enjoy! =)

Tuesday, 18 February 2014

A Song for A Quiz


OK. This would be a very short one.

Today's class of dosage design with Dr Hazrina, there's a "quick fun" session for all of us. And you know what, it was


Long time since our last quiz during class with Madam Bux. However, in the class, Dr Hazrina offered us a replacement for the quiz, which was somebody has to come to the front and sing, or recite a poetry. It's quite havoc for a while.

At last, Asyraf was chosen and volunteered himself for a singing. Very melodious.Here you go..

nice one!! (Well, actually there was no pop quiz after all..)

footnote: Sorry la kawan2 sebab admin segan nak nyanyi kat depan. Kat bilik takpe. hahaha

Wednesday, 12 February 2014

Temporary Projector

While waiting for the new projector as requested looooong time ago (I really mean AGES ago) to the Kulliyyah administration, we take our own initiative to place our own projector (I believe it's borrowed from someone).. The view of the slides are getting worse by weeks, and now even any diagrams can not clearly and vividly viewed. Though this is temporary, I strongly suggest that the Kulliyyah to provide the auditorium a better projector. It's not the student that should prepare this, but I believe it should come from the higher administration.
This is a personal and sincere comment from deep down of my heart. I hope this iniative would not be condemned for some reasons, but as an enhancer for the administration to be better in providing comfort and condusive learning environment.

footnote: Update guna fon je. So nampak macam tak formal.. =)

Tuesday, 11 February 2014

Grand Solat Hajat


Yesterday, 10th February 2014, we have gathered in a very harmonious blessed religious event of Grand Solat Hajat held at the beginning of the semester. As Pharmacy students, we had united our heart to attend such gathering to seek for a key to an utmost and sacred blessings from Allah to assist us in this challenging life.

Terhangat di pasaran~~
The event started with the congregational Maghrib prayer (though only the first two rows are occupied..). Followed by Hajat prayer where we submit our highest hope and tawakal to Allah in determining the journey of our life. Then, the recitation of Surah Yasiin were echoing the whole musolla with more students came in later than the maghrib prayer.

"Hangpa tau x aku ni ketaq sebenaqnya duk cakap kat depan ni.." kata Farahi
"Ko kene belajar dengan aku Farahi. Tengok muka da tau hensem.
Kalau cakap kat depan lagi la hensem kan.. hihi" balas Afif
"Dah2 Afif. Takyah nak borok sangat. Farahi, mu ikut cara aku cakap gini.
Sekali tengok dah tau macho.." kata Hayyie mem-promote diri
"Ko hafal ke Yasiin ni, Hayyie..??" tanya bro berbaju oren
"Mu jangan main2 ngan aku. Aku ada degree dalam baca Yasiin je tau.." balas Hayyie
"Rasanya macam baru je Hayyie tanya aku Yasiin page berapa. Musykil!!" monolog Nash

"Haish Naz ni. Amek gambar aku pulak.
Nanti ramai pulak nak buat aku jadi menantu.
Parah nanti ni.. haish.." kata Rashid dalam hati
The ceremony was continued with Taujihat by Dr Wan Azizi, one of our many brilliant lecturers. He shared many stories, tips to study and even great motivation with us. So, we shall benefit what he has shared with us by applying istiqamah-ly. =) The event has ended after the congregational Isyak prayer.

"You all student ni perlu tau yang you all takkan berjaya nak mintak lecture note dengan saya.."
"Pulok doh. Guane la aku ni nanti.." monolog Lukman sambil mengenang nasib

 I truly hope, deep in my heart, that we can survive and gain as many knowledge as possible through out the semester. Always renew our intention in studying and focus to be a knowledge-centric students. Ok...?

Best of luck to all this semester. My pray for all of us to succeed this dunya and the hereafter. Amiin

footnote: Mungkin pasni kita boleh mintak Dean kita bagi Taujihat pulak... =)

Sunday, 2 February 2014

Semester 2 Begins..


Well actually the semester is not REALLY begin, like right now. We still have couple of hours till the seconds of the beginning of Semester 2. But I reckon we can assume that the semester has officially started. 

Above all, Alhamdulillah. Praise to Allah Almighty for giving us the opportunity and sustenance till we made up to this point. At most, be grateful for the Iman and Islam we are having right now.

So, how's your holidays? Good? Fill with good things and happiness..? I bet you so. Because the 3-week holidays is not a very long period of time. Thus, I believe that we have treasured it all. 

The new semester might be challenging. New lecturers and new subjects. New way of lecturing I presume. For tomorrow onwards, we should:

1. Make sure that we have prepared for any upcoming challenges ahead
2. Play more videos games and watch midnight movies
3. Ignore the above suggestion (as in number 2) if you find it not suitable
4. Play Pray hard, study hard smartly
5. Focus (at least try la kan..)

Nothing much to say. Still early to make assumption about the semester. #hehe I pray success for all of us.

footnote: The results from the previous semester is not for us to cry for and be proud of, yet it should set as a booster for us to go for a better efforts in this semester. Be thankful for whatever kind the result was. =)