Monday, 24 December 2012

Grand Solat Hajat


On the 23rd December 2012, I-Care of IPHA has organized an event, named Grand Solat Hajat. This spirituous event took it place at Musolla of KOP. Since the final exam is just around the corner, this grand event was held in a way to obtain more blessings from Allah s.w.t. Plus, recitation of Yaasiin was done for the demised father of Rx10 sister, Ainnaja (correct me if I'm wrong..). May Allah bless his soul. Al-Fatihah....

Yaasiin recitation....
Sedap pulak aku baca malam ni...
"Aku baca sedap lagi..." kata Adli sambil membelai janggut ciputnya...
"Adli borok je lebih tu... haha" kata Syafiq

Approximately 50++ brothers have enjoined this occasion and an unknown figures of sisters (since I can't see the sisters behind the curtain there, OBVIOUSLY!!) too have merry-ed up the event. After the congregational Maghrib prayer, followed by solat hajat, a taujihat (advice) was given by our beloved dean, Dr Mohamed bin Awang. Of his advice to the students are:

1. Istiqamah in seeking knowledge
2. Maintain a healthy life
3. Respect our teachers
4. I can't remember. hahah

Hangpa semua dengaq sini baik2 nah!!
"Saya nak batch kali ni pass final exam dengan cemerlang.." kata Dean
"Tinggi sangat harapan dean aku ni.." bisik Razeen
"Hangpa semua balik dak minggu ni.....?" tanya Dean
"Dak aih... nak exam kowt... cuak paper Dr nnti.. Kasi soalan sket..." balas bro berkopiah
"Nak kene mamat ni. Aku pun nak gak...." balas Afiq dgn nada jeles 
"Dengan itu, maka berakhirlah taujihat dr Dr Mohamed kita..." ujar Adli
"Mai pekena teh tarik sat, Dr Mukhles!!" ajak Dean
"ok gak tu.. Jom2!! Saya belanja.." balas Dr Mukhles
Finally, we should get ourselves as close as we can to Allah as Allah is always near to us. Never forget Him as He never forget us. Last word from me, BEST OF LUCK FOR YOUR FINAL EXAM!!

We Serve The Ummah~~
Footnote : Time now is 12:44 am and this is how it looks like when I'm trying to post something with kinda sleepy mode. error here and there.. hehe

Saturday, 22 December 2012

Final Exam : Begin!


It looks like everyone would be very busy these coming days and most probably not everyone would notice this post on the FB's group wall. It's okay for me as I realize that the final exam has come to give us a big headache, just after a week full of quizzes!

I would like to use some of your time reading this, to reflect ourselves for our daily deed. Is it in line with what Allah has ordered us to do? Is all our time spent daily benefit to us? Think again! Reflect and change!

*ok! I'm not that good at giving advice.. hahah*

Just to remind all of you that our coming days would be very full-packed with sleep books and readings. So, you should:

1. Maintain your good health
2. Get over enough sleep.
3. Don't be TOO zombies, as it may affect our health
4. Continue to pray for the best
5. Think positive!
6. That's all, Maybe!

Let me draw out the final exam timeline for a better view:

Saturday (22/12/2012) - Study Circle
Friday (28/12/2012) - Introduction to Pharmacy Practice
Saturday (29/12/2012) - Islamic Input in Pharmacy
Monday (31/12/2012) - UNGS 2030: Islamic Worldview
Wednesday (2/1/2013) - Physiology
Thursday (3/1/2013) - Anatomy & Histology
Friday (4/1/2013) - Physical Pharmacy
Wednesday (9/1/2013) - OSPE Basic Anatomy
Thursday (10/1/2013) - MCQ Physiology, Anatomy & Histology
Friday (11/1/2013) - MCQ Islamic Input, Physical Pharmacy, Pharmacy Practice

-o.0- Hoyeah!!

These 10 days of battle and rumble with papers and pens would slightly affect our exam days... So, we just have to..

My pray to all Rx11 members for the best results and Remember! Exams are made to assess our knowledge, so no fear ok!

Footnote: Zombie enough....? =)

Saturday, 15 December 2012

Jenazah Management


Kaifa halukum? InsyaAllah bikhoir... =)

This morning, all groups of study circle around the campus (includes the students from other Kulliyyahs) were  compulsory to attend a workshop, named Jenazah Management. The workshop aimed for enhancing the  knowledge of students of IIUM regarding the management of jenazah. It consists of theory (which is boring interesting) and also the practical (sincerely: Interesting).

Dapatkan di kedai2 berdekatan~~
Since it's raining cats and dogs this morning, the scheduled program had to be delayed from 8.30 am to 9.15 am. Yeah! Very heavy rain. Though, it didn't spoil the mood to sleep attend the program, for the sake of attendance knowledge. We can't easily get this opportunity at anywhere else, so we should utilize the time we have here to the maximum.

Get back to the program. We were taught about the step-by-step management, i.e, from ghusl (bathing), kafan (shrouding), solat and burial of the deceased. Theoretically, it looked and sounded simple. But when it came to the practical parts, HOYEAH!! Kinda blur a bit! But, we managed to do it at last. #alhamdulillah

Here are some photos taken during the course. Enjoy!!

"Ni nak habaq mai kat hangpa. Datang kursus ni dengaq leklok ustaz cakap.
Bukan tiduq leklok nah!!"
Buat nota ke conteng tu man!!
"Bodeng! Aku tak paham mende ko tulis tu man....."
Tu dia baq hang.. Ramai betoi sisters mai. Baguih!!
"Mana satu yg ko nak Izham? Ramai tu..." kata Afiq
"Aku punya ada la salah sorg dalam tu.  Cari la sendiri. hehe.." balas Izham
"Ish2 korang ni.. Dah salah niat dah. Tengok aku.
Setia pada 'dia' sorg je... hehe"
"Ni camne nak kapan kan mayat ni? Aku tak reti bab2 ni..." kata Zul
"Ni mesti kes ko tido masa kelas teori tadi kan.. Kantoi!" balas Izham
"Tu!!! Letak kapas tu kat situ..." kata Syafiq
"Mana ada! Kat sebelah situ la.." kata sipolan ber-jam tangan
"Ish dua org ni. Aku starlite karang baru tau. Bising je." kata Muiz
"Ringan sgt haikal ni.. Aku sorang pun boleh angkat." kata Amir
"Jangan riak amir.. Td aku kasi ko angkat sorg pun ko da ketar lutut..." jawab Man
"Haikal suka lettew orang angkat dia.. heheh" usik Farid
"Kene pakai baju dulu. Baru semat!!" kata Haikal
"Jeles I...." balas Farid
"Style la kapas2 ni... Bungkus elok2 nah!!"
"Baik arwah2 ni dulu...  Sampai terbangun2 dia..."
"Weyh, ko tak panas ke pakai benda ni...?" kata mayat 1
"Aku mati dalam iman. Sejuk sikit.." balas mayat 2
Bergambar dengan selebriti hari ni.....
Alhamdulillah.. We managed to get some knowledge on this matter. Very beneficial indeed. One ustaz there said, 

"Nanti bila korang balik kampung ke, mana2 ke, kalau ada orang mati, boleh la tolong uruskan.."

Yeah! Thanks ustaz for your time to teach us on this.. May Allah bless you all..

Footnote: This course makes me realize that life is very short. So, we should prepare for the best to see Him in the Hereafter.. #muhasabah

Thursday, 13 December 2012

When The Rx Goes Marching In


It's been awhile actually since admin's last update. Many things happened during that period of time and since the admin is the sole author for the blog, kinda hard to manage my time. So I beg for your understanding. Chillax yeah!!

Ok. Recently, IIUM Kuantan Open Day (IKOD) 2013 was successfully organized by SRC IIUMK, in collaboration with all Kulliyyah-Based Societies (KBS) and Non KBS. The program was held at Office of Campus Director (OCD) square. It was tremendously awesome because we can find many splendid activities and mini programmes held for the sake of the visitors. There were Chocolate Fair, Book Fair, International Booths, Fruit Festivals, Bazaar, Forums, Talks, Singing Competition, Marching Competition and many more.. *AWESOME*

Even students from Gombak and CFS IIUM also journeyed here to merry up this joyful event.. o.0

And our contribution, the Rx11 was in MARCHING COMPETITION. Adding to that awesomeness is the platoon was conducted and marched by our SISTERS. (How brutal great our sisters are!!)

The details about the marching were informed less than a week and in that one week time, a platoon was formed, the formation and costumes were designed, all creativity oozed out of sudden, the practice was done and we go marching in~~

o.0 Yeah, quite rush actually but we've made to won
Our tears and blood were paid off. And I believe if our platoon were to complete the number of 30 persons, we can make the first place... (yakin je~~)

And here are the photos during the week of marching-fever. Enjoy!!

"Skuad, formasi bermula!!"
"Skuad, awat teghabuq ni...!!"
"Hat ni, hang kene kaler lagu ni.. baru semat hang tau!!" kata presiden IPHA
"Aku rasa warna kuning tak lawa langsung..." kata Izzuddin
"Kau ni buta warna tahap gaban ke apa! Lawa tu..." balas Afif
"Ko tau Joyah, aku bakar benda ni kat rumah, laki aku punya la mengamuk..."
"Eh2!! Sama la ngan laki aku..."
the Marching Beauties
"Mak, pahni ceq nak kawat ni.. Doakan la ceq menang nah!!"
"Oi2!! Sempat lagi bergayut dia ni.. Kitorg ni sapa nak bagi command??"
Practice dulu...
credit to : I-Press
Doa dulu.. Tengah jalan pon boleh la~~~
Datin tak join ke..? haha.. Gurau ye. Lawa baju ko!!
We Marching In~~~
"Skuad!! Luruskan barisan!!"
*tak lurus hangpa ni.*
Kawat Formasi.. di kacau oleh Bacteria & Virus
Introducing.. Our beloved Bacteria and Virus!!
Errr.. Apa function Muiz kat situ?? #musykil haha
Our team!!
Alhamdulillah.. With His Blessing, we managed to won that place, in a given short time of notice and with full-pack classes.. (HOYEAH!!)

footnote : When Rx11 goes marching in~~