Sunday, 29 September 2013

Flash Mob Syria 2013 Rx11


On the date of 28th September 2013, Rx11 in collaboration with Angkatan Belia Islam Malaysia (ABIM) had organized a flashmob on Syria crisis at Kuantan Parade at 8.00 pm. The flashmob brought up a humanitarian issues and managed to collect some donation to be channelled through SyriaCare.

At first, the flashmob was planned to be held at Berjaya Megamall, yet some problems had aroused. Hence, we decided to change the venue to Kuantan Parade under the organizer.

This was the view during the flashmob...

Video flashmob.. Kalau ada dengar bunyi cakap2 yang pelik2 tu, abaikan... haha

Antara brothers yang terlibat..
"Ni dia jejaka korea nak naik pentas baca qunut nazilah untuk saudara seagama.. korang ade??!!"

Syria, Mesir dan Palestin. Sama saja isunya. 
With the organizer, ABIM
If you can see, there's chinese woman showed the sign of Rabi'ah.. #touched
"Bashar" dan kuncu2nya..

"Pasni pakcik femes la,..."
With our advisor..
Ramai2 membaca qunut nazilah..
"Kite budak kecik pun bace qunut nazilah... korang??"

The people of the flashmob..
Alhamdulillah. All went well. Thanks to the organizer, supporters and audience. Your support are highly appreciated. We seek forgiveness for any wrongdoings and miscommunication occurred during the flashmob and during the change of venue. 

We pray that the people who have seen it, and even us who done this, could at least feel touched and felt care for the Muslims over there. May Allah bless us all and we pray for the care and well-being of our Muslims brothers and sisters..

footnote: Time flashmob tu, ada seorang perempuan mengandung yang menangis. Harap yang lain yang join tengok tu, tergerak hati2 mereka... =)

Sunday, 8 September 2013

Second Year Begins



Time did fly, and this time around it was damn fast. Maybe it is too cliche to say such thing as

"rasa macam baru semalam je cuti,, dah nak kene masuk UIA balik,,"

But it is indeed the thing that all of us felt.

Anyway, class will commence officially by next Monday and just so you know that we the Rx11 will continue our legacy at Auditorium. Thanks to our huge number in the pack group, we managed to win auditorium over Rx12.


Note to ourselves:

1. The classes in second year would be much tougher than our comfy first year's. Hence, we should strive harder and may also apply some sorts of plan-to-get-a-better-study-strategy.
2. Yet, too much a book may get your head bald. Study hard smartly. It will make your life more meaningful.
3. We planned many things since the last 3 months and I hope that our efforts will be blessed.
4. There are a few important things that gonna take place by this week, or maybe the following weeks, such as pre-registration, meetings for programme and such. So, plan your schedule wisely.

Nothing much to say. May be the incoming 4 months would be a blast!!

footnote: Not ready yet for classes,,,