Saturday, 21 December 2013

IPhA Tenure 2013/2014 Line-Up


AGM was held successfully. Almost all students of KOP made themselves present in our beloved auditorium to witness one of the glorious events of the year. We were all participated in the voting. Dedication. Trust. Responsibility. All were taken into consideration during the voting.

So, here are the new line-up consisting of 27 office bearers.

Congratulations to all new office bearers of IPhA. All our pray for you to make and lead our Kulliyyah to a betterment.

Oh Yes!! During the AGM, all batches are required to send a video for a competition. And ALHAMDULILLAH..!! Rx11 won the 2nd place.. (hands clapping!!) Wanna watch?? Here..

Above all, Alhamdulillah because He has granted the smooth flow of the AGM and infinitive congratulations and thanks to Rx9 for organizing the AGM. Well done!!

p/s: Best of luck to KOPians for the approaching final exam. Keep your health to best. =)

Thursday, 12 December 2013

Road To AGM


Annual Grand Meeting is on its way. The remembrance of this yearly event sparks everyone of us about last year's AGM.


An organisation that governs all students within the intellectual campus of Kulliyyah of Pharmacy. This year's election shows a very tight competition between the candidates. Those who are listed are among the best, chosen by students with the hope that they can bring up the status of pharmacy students to a higher levels.

AGM will commence on Monday (16 December 2013) at 7 pm, so mark your calendar and space out the Monday for this glorious event. The candidates have been chosen. Adrenaline has rushed all over the body, just waiting for us to cast our vote on the blotting paper. Here are the candidates:

Candidates for Vice President seat
Candidates for Secretary seat
Won uncontested for Publication & Information bureau. CONGRATULATIONS!!
Candidates for Sports & Recreational bureau
Candidates for Public Relation bureau
Candidates for Educational & Professionalism bureau
Won uncontested for I-Corp bureau. CONGRATULATIONS!!
Candidates for I-Care bureau
Candidates for Welfare bureau
I hope and in fact, we all hope that the elected representatives will shoulder these responsibilities with amanah, and lead KOP to a betterment. Let's pray for the best for AGM and for the next tenure to come.

footnote: Pilihlah pemimpin berdasarkan kebolehan dan akhlaknya, bukan popularitinya.. =)

Saturday, 7 December 2013

Flood Relief



Kuantan is currently being tested with heavy rains that have been pouring for few days. Many places are affected, and most of the places are drown in flood. Houses, cars, belongings, many more were lost. Some places had turned to normal as day is shining by bright sun, while some others are still in gloomy watery-rainy-floody situations.

Hence, as we are directed by Islam to lend a hand to those who are in need and also on the basis of humanity, IIUM Kuantan students are called upon to give their full support to help the flood victim. Be it under a society or by personal efforts, we gather shoulder to shoulder to make sure that our Muslim brothers and sisters are in a very good condition.

Food supply and electricity. These to things has haunted each and everyone of us when they are cut off during the flood. No food, no lights. What more can we do in the situation..? Thus, the efforts from the students are highly appreciated.

Congratulations to all students of IIUM Kuantan for your cooperation and help. Only Allah can grant you for what you did, and I personally hope that this noble efforts of us will be blessed.

Oh yes!! For those who would like to also lend a hand and donates some of our comfortableness (clothes, money, food, drinks, etc...), you may proceed to:


footnote: Kpd Rx11 yg pegi volunteer td, congrates and thanks for your efforts...=)