Monday, 29 July 2013

The Last 10


Seems like everybody tends to forget the existence of the blog (including the admin.. hahha). Quite busy right? With other works, programs here and there.

But no body should ever forget about our whereabouts in the holy month of Ramadhan, cause just so you know that we are currently in the last phase of Ramadhan. The Last 10. This is when Allah has promised us the nights of relief. The relief from Jahannam. And of the nights, Lail Al-Qadr is an odd night full of promising rewards.

Hence, during these days and nights, we shall:

1. Enhance our ibadah and grab as much as possible the rewards and barakah from Allah. Greater than the previous days and nights.
2. Abandon your game controllers, joystick, novels or whatsoever for focusing in the ibadah
3. Talk less, zikr more
4. Spend some hours of our nights to date with Allah
5. Pay zakat fitrah for those who are yet to pay

Ramadhan is month of ibadah and knowledge. Do gain some knowledge, especially about our brothers and sister out there in Mesir, Syria, etc, while we are gaining rewards through our ibadah. Most importantly, sincerity.

footnote : Do fully support our batch's program in doing flashmob for Syria in the 3rd week of this upcoming semester. Vacancy for actors and actress. We might not have the equipment and time, or even the gut to go for jihad there. But at least, we do something for civil awareness. Better than nothing.

Wednesday, 10 July 2013

10 Kesalahan Paling Hit Ketika Ramadhan.


1. Tidak sahur - Puasa org yahudi dan org Islam sama saja, kecuali puasa org Islam ada sahur. Sahur la walau dengan segelas air kosong. 

2. Sahur terlalu awal - Makan berat lewat malam dan tidur lalu bangkit selepas azan Subuh. Itu bukan sahur, itu supper. 

3.Terlebih tidur - Lebih tidur merugikan masa dan menyebabkan badan dan otak lemah. Tidur boleh diniatkan sebagai ibadah, tapi kalau over sangat dianggap bedebah.

4. Berbuka secara buffet sampai buncit - Ada juga yang sambung makan selepas solat Maghrib sehingga lewat malam. Tarawih pun tuang!

5. Membazar hingga membazir - Lapar mata. Setiap jenis makanan nak diborong. Tak habis, makanan dibuang.

6. Sambut Hari Raya mengalahkan Ramadhan - Bulan Ramadhan yang dimuliakan Allah, bukan Syawal. Syaitan dibelenggu pada Ramadan dan dibebaskan pada 1 Syawal

7. Solat tarawih tapi tak qiamullail pada laylatul qadr - Nabi kadang2 meninggalkan tarawih. Tapi Nabi akan struggle pada 10 malam terakhir untuk cari laylatul qadr. Pahala bonus 1000 bulan tu. Wow!

8. Puasa tapi tak solat - Pahala puasa pending , sebab tak solat. Ayoyo!

9. Sibuk beribadah, lupa cari ilmu - Bulan Ramadan perlu juga dicari ilmu di dalamnya. Semua ibadah takde guna tanpa ilmu. Ada juga yang larang tazkirah ketika Ramadhan.

10. Gagal upgrade iman selepas lalui Ramadhan - Ibarat dah harungi sungai yang jernih dan segar , tapi kotoran di badan sengaja tak dibersihkan. Ramadhan Kareem!

Selamat berpuasa. Let us make this Ramadhan is the best Ramadan ever!

Source: Facebook

footnote: Fasting is a shield for you to withstand the nafs. So, make it strong!!

Tuesday, 9 July 2013

Marhaban ya Ramadhan Kareem


Ramadhan is approaching in hours to go. The excitement to go through this holy month is overwhelmed. This is the month that Allah has specialized onto us to fast and grab as much as possible the blessings and rewards He offers

And YES! Ramadhan is not perfect without its Tarawekh prayer. It does not matter if you wish to do it in 8 or 20 rakaats, and the most important is that you do it solely hoping for His blessings and forgiveness.

Here are some tips for you for this coming Ramadhan:

1. Read Quran and tadabbur. Find some time for you to read Quran
2. If you are working and your work is EXTREMELY using most of your time everyday, and even you cannot space out some time to read Quran (astaghfirullah...), do some zikr while you working, walking and even when you are sitting
3. For those who cannot fast on valid and acceptable reasons by Shari'ah, do some zikr as well. Impossible to fast does not mean you are impossible to do some zikr, right?
4. Kakao Talk less..
5. Avoid anything that may break your fast..
6. Those who are at home doing nothing or being a bibik, help your parents and earn some money rewards from Allah
7. Try to apply all the sunnah of the Prophet. That's how you show your love for him

There are many things else that you could do in order to attain His blessings. And those up there are just some suggestions that you might follow.

Anyway, let's hope and pray that this Ramadhan would be a better Ramadhan for us than the previous ones. Happy Fasting guys!!

footnote: Jangan ponteng2 puasa pulak, semua da besor2 belaka.... 

Saturday, 6 July 2013



Kaifa halukum? InsyaAllah, bi khair..=)

The blank period from the previous post made this blog seems to be in a silent mode. Quiescent perhaps. Actually, there are some of updates that I would like to share with you readers.....

1. Results for End Semester 2 exam was released (weeks ago...!!) Congratulations to all of us for any kinds of results we had. Remember!! This is not the end of the world. Work and strive harder to get a better pointer next semester

2. The mother of Sis Khadijah Rose was passed away last Thursday. Deepest condolences from all of us. Her death was due to Alzheimer. Previously, her father and elder sister were passed away. And now, Allah has put another of His wills which caused her loss. We pray for her late mother to be with among the believers and be blessed by Allah. Al-Fatihah.. To KD, BE STRONG!!

3. The wedding ceremony of Sis Mawaddah was a meaningful one when it was also enjoined by some of our friends. Held at Terengganu, it was indeed a cheerful ceremony. I, on behalf of others who can't enjoy the moments with you, would like to seek for apology. We pray for your marriage. May Allah bless you with happiness and barakah..

4. Latest is one of our seniors, Syed Syahmi has nikah-ed with Dr Irna, our lecturer. I, personally, was quite shocked and indeed, this is all Allah's doing. The matters of marriage is His. So, we accept it with cheers and happiness. May Allah bless both of you. =D

Ok. Only 4 updates that I can thought off now. Maybe there are some others, and if there are, I'll get you updated soon.

footnote: Sibuk kemain.. Tak sempat nak update blog.. huhu