Sunday, 30 March 2014

Back to College!!


Ok guys. Back to college. It's studying time.

One week of holidays seems to fly very very very fast. It's no denying that I (or WE) don't really have enough of holidays. But hey. If you give a month of holiday, we don't really feel enough still. Best way to appreciate is to grateful. Alhamdulillah. At least we have a break.


Anyway, semester is gonna resume in hours from now. How about homework? Studying at home? Well. I am gonna say that we actually need to study at home. Right? For quizzes, assignment, notes, etc.. At least, we spent our holidays well. It's good for us actually. =)

As for the coming week, we have a legendary week judging from the schedule starting tomorrow. Lots of spare time we have, and we do have ample to sleep study. Alhamdulillah. Use them wisely.

What do we need to do now is to tajdid (renew) our niat. Stay focus for the rest of the semester. Stay calm and survive pharmacy course. Chill..

footnote: Harap2 sempat la study. Cuti duk tiduq je.. haha

Thursday, 20 March 2014

Mid-Sem Break


Oh finally we got a break. Nearly 2 months of classes and lectures flew very smoothly. Despite of having a very congested schedule, we still manage to get through this together. Alhamdulillah..

A bit review about the first half of the semester. We were introduced to various subjects with various levels of difficulties. Some are really really tough. Some needs days-and-nights memorization. Some needs our fullest attention to what the lecturers are talking about.

Few quizzes went well. Same went for the practicals. Interesting. Boring. Sleepy. Enthusiastic. Vary. What ever it is, it truly makes our days in this semester.

The last 15 minutes of the Dr Uttam's class today was a very tough time for us. Or maybe to me only. haha. The clock's ticking, so did our eyes. Counting for the very moment of starting of mid-sem break. And finally, we reached.

To those who are planning to get back home by today (and also for the next few days), some advices:

1. Drive and ride carefully. Remember notes your beloved who are waiting for you.
2. Plan your schedule.
3. Bring back notes with you.
4. Fill our spare times with beneficial activities
5. Ignore any of the above which are irrelevant. (Recommended : no. 3) lol

Anyway, holidays are coming and it is the right time for us to ponder what we have done. Maybe we are too busy to look upon our deeds. Purify ourselves. Come back to the Kulliyyah with purified heart and right intention. And of course, with full of ideas and knowledge to face quizzes when semester reopens.


footnote: Cuti..? Ada harapan nak makin 'membesar'?? haha

Tuesday, 4 March 2014

[PHOTOS]: Pharmily Day '14


Program: Pharmily Day 2014
Date: 2nd March 2014
Venue: Taman Pertanian, Indera Mahkota

Since the program had ended like 2 days ago, writing a review on this is way too late. Yet, the fun remains a very memorable one for all us, especially US (Rx11). Why? We are the ramai-est there, I guess. haha.

Anyway, it's not too late to congratulate Rx12 for such a nice event. As to compare the event to our "golden days" back there in Pharmily Day last year, they indeed made a new unique concept, and in all, gave a brand new breath to the history of Pharmily Day.

Here the event went. The pictures of us..

"Pulok doh demo bwat gini. Guane aku nok bwat ni.. Senyum je la.."
"Comeyl tak kami..?" kata jejaka ter-hot Rx11
"Hai, saya Namira. Boleh panggil Nami.." kata Nami
"Aku Shak. Sepak nak..?" ujar Shak
"Kami lah gadis pingitan terchantek kat Elf ni.."
Calon2 Cinderella kat sini..
"Aku dapat peluk dengan Dr Nik. Korang ada..?" kata Asyraf dengan bangganya..
"Best juga letak tangan kat student lepas peluh2 ber-aerobic td. Sejuk je rasa.." monolog Dr Nik
"Ha..!! Korang kalau nak cahaya berseri2 macam testimoni kami kat bawah ni,
belilah produk Kak Ton kami ni. Murah2 je.." promote Shak
"Ya Allah.. Betullah. Silau mata aku tengok cahaya hasil produk Kak Ton ni.." puji Fadi
"Depa ni sembang pasai apa ni..?? Sapa Kak Ton.." tanya Syawal
"Entah lah. Tak pernah dengar pulak dalam KOP.." balas Epul
"Aku rasa macam penah nampak Kak Ton kat sini tadi.." balas Izham juga
"Hai~~ Saya lah Kak Ton. Try la produk saya ni.
Gerenti cantik. Selim melim lagi.." promote 'Kak Ton' pulak..
-hehe. jangan marah nah..-
Selfie sakan~~
Selfie Dr. Jangan lepaskan peluang keemasan ni...

"Amacam..??!! Ada gaya Dr Rozmey tak..?" promote Mirul
"Takyah nak Rozmey sangat la.." balas Sharul dengan ekspresi mukanya..
"Untung korang dapat bergambar dengan Fairy macam aku ni.." kata Abi
"Erk.. Dia ni lagi.." monolog Mirul
Comey tak saya...??
"Buai laju2~~ " nyanyi Najihah dengan khayalannya
"Bapak~~ Tengok Jiha ni. Dia nyanyi2 pulak. Dah la tak sedap.
Nak kalahkan Lofa la tu.." report TeeLofa pada bapaknya
"Awat hingaq sangat tu.. Bapak tengah membanting tulang
4 kerat buat kerja ni. Dah2!! Pi main jauh2. Bergambaq ke.. kan elok" balas bapaknya..

Alhamdulillah. The day ended very well. This Pharmily gathering had brought us closer to each other, stress released (partially I could say.. hehe) and above all, happiness. May Allah bless us throughout the event and tie up our hearts together. =)

footnote: Not bad la..