Saturday, 30 March 2013

Hoyeah!! It's week 9..


Busy with preparation for quizzes and exams, we (or it's only me!!) don't even realize that we are now facing the 9th week of our study timeline for this semester...

#timereallyflies... And this time, it's damn so fast

We are about to undergo the second half of the semester, and I'm sure that it promises lot more suffers suffocating new things to learn and earn. Learning is not easy, yet it's interesting actually..


Anyhow, to those who are going to start their journey back to UIA tomorrow, I pray for your safe journey. Drive (if your are driving) carefully. Remember me your fellow beloveds. InsyaAllah, we'll meet there,,

footnote: Bukan senang nak senang, bukan susah nak susah,,,

Thursday, 28 March 2013

[NoGAPS] : Battle of Universities Video


First of all, this is the link to a video, made by IIUM Pharmacy students to represent IIUM in Battle of Universities Video. This battle is for NoGAPS which will be held at USM this year.

Alright peeps!! Watch this video first and You will find it very interesting. This time around, every university has been given a country that they should make out a video with the 'essence' of that particular country.  Luckily, IIUM has been given 'JAPAN' as the theme of the video

This battle needs the supports from the viewers to 'LIKE' the video on MyPSA FB page. Here's the link...

All you need to do is 

1. Join the MyPSA group
2. Wait for approval from the page admin
3. 'LIKE' the video
4. That's all

SEE!! As simple as that...

But WATCH OUT guys!!

The clock is ticking. The voting period only last until 29th March 2013 at 11.59 pm. Don't just waste your time watching, but no voting. It's our responsibility.. (macam pilihanraya pulak... haha)

footnote: Saya Pilih Mengundi!!

Wedding of the Semester


To our member of the batch, Kak Mawaddah Khairuddin, we wish you all the best in your marriage life. We pray the best for you. Congratulations on your wedding..

Barakallahulakuma wabaraka a'alikuma wa jama'a bainakuma fi khair..

cute je dua-dua ni...
Nanti kalau dapat anak nanti habaq nah... nak kasi register masuk IIUM terus.. haha

footnote: Wedding of the semester.??!! Next semester?? Whose next?

Pharmily Day 2013


On March 9th, there held a very joyous and cheerful program conducted by the 11th batch (1st Year), named PHARMILY DAY 2013.

*I know it's a bit late to make some reviews on this, yet stay tuned ye!!*

Kampong Style
The program was held to gather the KOP family members, comprising undergraduates, postgraduates, lecturers and their family members. There were many exciting games held to live up the environment of Kampong, which was chosen as the theme of Pharmily Day this time around

"Kalau hangpa nak tau, hat ni la cara paling latest nak pakai kain pelikat.
Mengancam x??"

"Lari2!! Kita lari....!!!"
"Awat hang buat muka lagu tu, Razeen??" tanya Faris
"Hat ni la muka aku paling cute hang tau.." balas Razeen dengan yakin
"Dr, ekau da buek ko soalan utk budak2 ni..?" tanya Dr Wan
"Lamo dah eden siapkan. Sobab tu la eden buleh datang sini.
Kalau x, den duduk rumah jo.." balas beliau (xtau nama.. sorry!)
The morning was enjoyed with the launching remarks by Assoc Prof Dr Haniki, together with the releasing of 4 pigeons as the symbol of freedom and traditional. Then, AEROBIC SESSION!!


"No one can escape from my defense. Muahaha!!" 
"Timah!!! Sambut Timah!! Nanti pecah belon tu..." pekik Joyah
"Ye Joyah.. Jangan lambung tinggi sangat..." balas Timah
"Dr, best tak dapat satu kain pelikat dengan saya...? Saya pandai bersukan.." kata Goku
"Kesah pulak saya!! Awak skor dulu kuiz saya. Baru saya rasa best!!" balas Dr Wan

The aerobic session was SUPERBLY done (with humors, of course) by the Physiotherapy students.
*tabik sama lu la kawan2 Physio...*

"Lai3... coconut shake!!"
"Bangga aku dapat jd mentee of the day!!" kata Hayyie
"Kalau you nak tau.. nasib je ni diorg bagi!!" komen Dr Haniki
"Awak2!! Jangan sweet sgt kat public ni.. segan saya.. " kata Zul
"Aku bukan nak sweet2 ke ape.. aku nak ko rasa kelazatan mknn free ni.. haha" kata Nasruto
Later, the exciting games came along.. Pulling here and there, jumping back and forth, sumpit-ing.. hahah. Not to forget the booths as well... (thanks to those who are coming to our booths..)

"Kalau korang minat dengan makcik, undi la makcik untuk "Best Makcik of The Day"
"Aku ada Dr... Ko ada??!!"

The closing remarks was done by Madam Siti Halimah.. By that, Pharmily Day 2013 had ended..


There were so many bitter sweet memories left by Pharmily Day 2013. Laughter, perspire, tears (ada ke...??).. All in one!!

Lastly, we as the organizing committee of Pharmily Day 2013 would like to apologize to all for any shortcomings or inconveniences caused. We hope that we gave you the best memories ever on that day!! Thanks for coming ye!!

Kampong Pisang
Kampong Durian
Kampong Pulasan
Kampong Manggis

footnote: Penat weyh bukak booths... haha

Saturday, 23 March 2013



Assalamualaikum and Salam 1 Malaysia Aqidah.. hehe. How are you guys?? Good?? Good....!!!

Holidays have begun. The birds are chirping gaily. The car engine roars to start the long journey back. Mom and dad are waiting patiently for their children come home safe and sound.

-ayat novel tak jadi. Ini lah gamaknya-

Anyway, the holidays have just started and most of us have returned to our respective destination though some of us are yet to start their journey (ada je yang tak balik rumah kan...). Those who are going to start their journey:

1. Drive and ride safely
2. Take and adequate rest before journey back home

This one week holidays give us opportunity to meet up with parents and relatives, rest a little while from the 'chaotic' schedule of a pharmacy student. So, try to make use the time we have with all sorts of beneficial things. =)

Here is the 'speech' from our batch leader, Bro Adli Mustaffha

Some suggestions for the holidays:

1. Help your parents with the house chores
2. Help yourselves with sleep rest and exercises
3. STUDY!! (tengah semester lagi ni, so still kene study...)
4. Like Dr Wan Azizi said to us, "Try to buka kitab2 ke, dalami ilmu2 agama..."
5. Play games
6. Slash the suggestion in 5 if you think that it is unnecessary

Happy holidays, guys!!

footnote: To Kak Mawaddah Khairuddin, congratulations on your wedding this holiday. Barakallahu lakuma wa baraka a'alaikuma wa jama'a bainakuma fi khair.. =)

Friday, 22 March 2013



Assalamualaikum and good morning peeps!! Yeah!! Don't click that red box thing at the top right corner of your laptop cause you are currently not at wrong website.. YES!! IT IS..

Rx11 BLOG.. (hooray!!)


Okay. I don't think that is a proper word to describe the coming-back of the blog to its main arena. But so far, I could think that particular word only... (the meaning of the word as if like we are celebrating the rise of the blog after its silence period)

-quite merepek there. Don't read it. WHAT??!! You read?? It's ok. You can continue! haha-

First of all, I would like to apologize to all members of Rx11 because I haven't update anything on the blog since last Feb 13th. Yeah.. Quite busy I could say. Pharmily Day, quizzes, study (as if...). Again!! I would like to apologize to all of you. Forgive me.. (imagine me making sorry while standing on my knee.. huhu)

There are lot things that I want to share and update with you about the events happening in the kulliyyah, controversies, feelings, lecturers, funny things, etc.. I hope you could bear with me to read all the updates on the blog. Actually, I want to find the co-author of the blog since I could not always update things that happened around with my limited space and time.. So, I hope that there is this one lucky charming author to cooperate with me in doing this blog.


Finally, I would want to say that the blog InsyaAllah is resurrecting from its dormancy. So, I hope that you could continue to support the author blog. Continue to visit ye!! Thanks to those who are very concern about the blog.

"Nazrin, ko tak update blog da ke...?"

"Weyh, ko yang jaga blog tu ke? Takde yang latest ek sekarang? 
Selalu gak buka tapi yang sama je..."

huhu.. Thanks for your concern. Very much appreciated.=)

footnote: Banyak weyh benda nak share and update...