Tuesday, 9 October 2012

Let's Improve Ourselves




It's been a while since we have been brought together by Allah during the White Coat Ceremony at the KOP Auditorium. From that moment, we pledge to follow the rules and regulations that we have oath-ed as pharmacists. And being in a crowd of more than 100 people is not an easy thing. Some might feel discomfort from the attitudes of that bunch of people.


As the author of the blog, I might regard myself with things that have been posted in this blog. I do receive some compliments, and I do also hear some complaints (more of suggestions, I guess) in complementing this blog's constancy. To be straight, I've received some complaints regarding me doing the picture-taking of the Rx11 members, especially to the sisters. I've been taking pictures merely for the blog posts, and I DO filter some of the pictures, which they might look bad, I'll delete the pictures instantaneously. As for the sisters', I did take your pictures as to regard all of us as one batch.


However, as I've mentioned earlier, I did delete pictures that looked unpleasant. I only shared pictures that look OK, from my point of view. Since some of the 'members' (Sis only) that dislike their pictures to be taken and posted here, I'll delete the pictures having sisters on sight. I respect your request as a woman and my sisters in Islam. My apology for taking your pictures without permission. Yet, I really hope that this blog will not be fully-filled with brothers on camera only, but also among the sisters. We're One Big Family, huh?

Susah senang, sama-sama...

Second thing (perhaps my last point) is that we as a batch should work together accordingly. By means, all the work in making decision, solving problems, work behind the scenes, microphone settings, etc.. All workforce should be carried out together. By right, we should not only see brothers doing all the jobs, but sisters too. Of course, we don't ask sister to carry the whiteboard down for Dr Noriah's lectures. More of light thingies, lah.. ok? Together we work, together we serve the ummah.

Takkan la lelaki je yang aktif, kan?
Of my last paragraph, once again, I would like to seek for apology from all members of Rx11 for any wrongdoings and misunderstanding occurred. I want to emphasize here that this post is solely my own opinion. Not the opinion of the brothers in the batch. If there is any similarity, that's merely coincidence. In line with that, I wish to seek for any suggestions to better the blog and the batch, in any terms. InsyaAllah, Rx11 serves the ummah. Let's improve ourselves. =D


footnote : It's not that long right? =) Thank you for reading..


Anonymous said...

we sisters shud also improve ourselves.. not that we didn't want to help, we dunno what to do. kene bagitau weh, sisters ni lampi at times. biaselah, we sisters suke jage kain sendiri je. pemalas pulak tu. haha xD
as for the pictures,i guess (I,ME,MYSELF guess eh, not all sisters guess) n suggest that kau amik gambar yg mane mahu diamik gambarnye sahaje. maka dengan itu, takdelah berdose kan? kau tak berdose amik n publish gambar sisters, n sisters also tak berdose mencaci maki hamun di belakang kau.(eh eh over) heheh
whatever it is,blog ni best gile weh.serius tak tipu. *\(>o<)/*

Rx11@IIUM said...

hmm.. nak tau sapa yg sudi diambil gambar tu yg problem tu. mcm la aku kenal semua sisters kan..? aku ingatkan semua budak batch ni sporting. tp, x semua pulak. xpe2. itu hak masing2 kan.. =)

btw, aku rasa, aku kenal sapa anonymous ni.. gaya penulisan ni aku rasa mcm familiar sgt.. =)

Anonymous said...

tak weh tak tak kau tak kenal ni sape.. aku bukan pernah komen pun. takde orang kenal aku~~ hahahaha
blog ni kau sorang je ke tulis? ade admin sister? kalau ade kasik kat die gambar2 and kasik die yang tapis. acane? kool? haha ^^

Rx11@IIUM said...

owh yeke.. sbb dr cara penulisan tu mcm aku kenal je. xpe2.

blog ni setakat ni baru ada dua author. aku dgn afif. sister blum lg. sbb aku tak tau sapa yg interested nak jd author.. ko nak ke?? =)

kalau ada sis yg jadi author, dia kene tangkap gmbr sendiri la. tak kuasa aku nak tangkap gmbr korg lagi. nnti bising plak.. hahha

Anonymous said...

sekali aku bace komen aku macam feyna pulak yang tulis. bukan ye. haha
nak tulis sendiri tu memang malas sangat2 la kan, blog sndiri pun berhabuk~~
nanti aku tolong recruit blogger2 terkenal batch. (^o^)/

Rx11@IIUM said...

hahah.. tau xpe. aku ingatkan feyna gak. rupanya bukan. haha...
kalau bukan feyna, maka siapakah anda?? =)
tolong r carikan sesapa sister yg nak tolong update sekali. particularly utk sister punya program la..

Farhana Fakhira said...

Bukan aku laaaa nazrin oi -.- Haa, ni baru aku.

Anonymous said...

suka sangat post2 kat blog ni..terkekek2 gelak baca new post..terima kasih, sbb sangat commited update blog..! :D

saya sayang batch ni..go RX11...!! heheh

Rx11@IIUM said...

aku agak2 je cik feyna oi.. sbb gaya penulisan tu mcm ko punya je. hahaha..

anonymous, terima kasih kerana sudi baca.. jgn gelak terkekek2 sgt, nnti org lain tgk pelik pulak nnti. InsyaAllah, blog ni akan terus hidup selagi ada yg membacanya,, =)

Anonymous said...

gelak lagi..wakaka.. :D
*selagi ada yg terus mnulis,ade lah tukang pmbaca nya..silent readers kompem bsepah2...