Friday, 12 October 2012

The Fry-Day


I don't know if it's only me who feeling this in some ways, but this time of Friday really made me feel a bit awkward and 'fried'. 'Fried' in the sense that I felt like suffering from what-the-heaven-is-happening-today things (if you know what I mean). Today's schedule was not that packed, really. But, I felt zombie-ing at times.

First thing first.

We started off today with a tazkirah by Bro. Asyrafuddin (Iqram Dinzly-like. Somebody said that). The tazkirah revolved around the importance of having a humble personality. As more knowledge we gain everyday, the riya' or being proud of oneself could stack up deep inside him or her. To counter, we should remember Allah at all times and realize that all we have now are solely belong to Allah.

sempoi je~~

Thanks to Asyrafuddin for the tazkirah. =)

Then, followed by the Pharmacy Practice class by Madam Siti Halimah Bux. Quite interesting, to be frank. Frolicking around calculations. And she said that, she would let the class to cease earlier since some of us wanted to have break at the cafe. Everybody was like so happy and very energized all of a sudden. And when it came to the last 15 minutes (I guess...), then she said...

"Ok. We finish. Now, it's QUIZ time!!!"

Hoyeah! It's pop quiz AGAIN. Unexpectedly. Really woke me up from my slumber sleepiness. Good method, but not at a good time. =(

Then, we had break. Right after that, Dr Elamin wanted to have a replacement class earlier since he has to attend a meeting in the afternoon. It's ok, rather than to postpone it after the midsem holiday. He started his lecture at around 10.50 am and try to guess, at what time he finish the lecture?

It's 12.45 pm. 

Study ke tu..?

2-hour lecture was not small thing, you know. Even one of the brothers finished revising his Anatomy thingy just within that 2 hours. That's a big achievement. *big clap* The point is, even 1 hour lecturing is suffering sufficient. But when it goes over the limit, you'll see zombies everywhere then. LOL~

By the way, during that lecture, a 'handout' was passed among the brothers. Nothing much actually. Just to fill up the 'empty' 2-hour lecture. We done some voting to elect the new batch leader for next semester. Here's the thing..

LOL.. And the winner goes to..................(drum rolling).............. ADLI MUS. 

Ok. Forget about these 2 paragraphs. We'd never overthrow Adli. So, Adli! Keep your place and carry on. =)

After Jumaat prayer, at 4.15 pm, we had our first official un-popped Quiz for Anatomy and Histology. At first, everyone looked very excited to have this quiz. Fluttering. All seemed new. The OMR paper set. The questions. The unexpected questions.

Yang buat 'peace' tu sila jangan perasan orang amek gambar dia ye.. *wink2*

Discuss.. discuss.. and discuss...

"Oh NO! Y U Married So Early??" *with that kind of expression*

"Ni.. hangpa cuba la amek si Syafiq ni buat menantu. Baik budak ni.." kata Razeen
"Sungguh ka..? Ok. " balas Adib
*tersipu2..* -Syafiq-

"Hok jari ni, kalau buat Starlight memang lebam tau tak.."

"Sek2 ni bising je.. aku nak study pun tokleh.."

Right after the Quiz, ZOMBIE~~

"Apalah nasib quiz aku ni.. haish.."

Forever alone..?

=) There gone one more exciting day in our first-year life here. One Fry-day Friday.

Footnote : Nyeow!!


Anonymous said...

No worry .there are more waiting for all of u. Just indulge the time.sincerely ~ rx9 :D

Rx11@IIUM said...

insyaAllah,,, thnx for the advice.. =)