Thursday, 27 September 2012

minggu tiga

dimulakan dengan bismillah

dah tiga minggu gittu la en hidup kat kuliyyah ni. ada tekanan.. ada suka.. ada duka.. ada juga zombie merata rata. tapi kebanyakkannya yang kita jumpa tu zombie lah! kahkah

assalaamualaikum pembaca pembaci sekalian (:

untuk kali ni aku amik alih kerja author entri entri sebelum ni. kali ni jela, lepas ni memanjang la balik entri bahasa omputeh tu haaa.

sebenarnyeee, takda point pon aku nulis mende alah ni. cuma nak ingatkan sahabat sahabat sekalian supaya jangan berputus asa dalam menuntut ilmu. kita mungkin tidak dilahirkan bijaksana secara zahirnya tapi kita mampu untuk mengubah tahap kerajinan kita untuk berjaya demi agama, bangsa, dan keluarga tercinta. cewwah. kemain lagi ayat. haha

fuhhh. duapoloh menet aku amik untuk menaip entri ni. nampak sangat skill menaip aku dah berkarat. haihh. okay ah, jumpa di kelas esok yee :D happy studying!

My3S Online Survey [COMPULSORY]




Malaysian 1st Year, 1st Semester

UG Students are required to complete the My3S online according to these dates :


Dates :
27th September - 12th October 2012

Website :

User ID : Matric No.
Password : I.C No.


Here comes the online survey, guys! By the Ministry of Higher Education. It is an online survey regarding students' soft skills assessments (i.e entrepreneurship, team building, etc..) So, log on to this website:

[click here] My3S ONLINE SURVEY

and answer the questions. It's easy. And the end, you will have your own soft-skills scale report, where you may know in which soft skills you are lacking and need an improvement.

contoh laporan tu.. #takadakenamengenaantarahidupdanmati

Happy Answering!!

footnote : BEWARE! Answering 200 questions is not an easy job. You may get your eyes squinted. =D

'Loving Rasulullah' by Dean of KoP


Last two days, there was a tazkirah given by the Dean of Kulliyyah of Pharmacy, Dr Muhammad bin Awang after the Zuh'r prayer at KOP Musolla. So, I want to share what he has delivered.

(I only took some points from his tazkirah) He said...

Dr Muhammad Awang memulakan bicara..

- We ought to have the real love for Rasullullah s.a.w. In what way? By executing his sunnah at all time. And it is not impossible for us to carry out all his daily sunnah as the sunnah shown by him is for our own benefit. We may do so step by step, since our adaptability to the sunnah is still green.

- How to measure the love we have for Rasulullah? Compare what his companions (r.anhum) had to ours. If Saidina Abu Bak'r As-Siddiq can defend Rasulullah s.a.w. by sacrificing his own feet when being beaten by snake in the Cave of Tsur, If many sahaabah were willingly to die for Rasulullah, If Saidina Umar Al-Khattab could defend Rasulullah s.a.w in front of many Musyrikiin, what more of us? And obviously we cannot compare the love we have for him to the sahabaah's. Yet, it is not impossible for us to improve.

- One of the biggest sunnah that we should practice is by praying in congregational (in Jamaah). As we know, the reward we have for praying in Jamaah is 27 folds as compared to praying alone. So, we ought to grab the 5-times opportunities EVERYDAY. In Kulliyyah of Pharmacy, we have about 600++ students only and by means of that, the musolla here should be fully packed. So, I hope that all students and staffs here can enliven the spirit of sunnah of congregational prayer in KOP.

- Khalas -

Beberapa pensyarah yang turut hadir.. #macamkenal
Actually, there're many things that our beloved Dean told. Yet, the main thing is he's urging us to do Solat in Jamaah. That's how we should express our love towards Rasulullah s.a.w. Protect him from any harm (by means of his name, his akhlak, etc..). Spend some selawat everyday. InsyaAllah, love can be developed and unconditional. If Rasulullah can love his ummat that he himself has never met, why cannot us?


footnote : He is a very good Dean.

Tuesday, 25 September 2012

The Election Day


I am updating the blog post from IIUM Library right after the election process. Thanks to Madam Halimah and Dr Fadhillah for postponing the classes. (by means of letting the students go for voting) =D

Keratan akhbar News Strait Times.
Generally, the election process was fine and calm. And we can see few candidates were there to give some moral supports for the voters to pick the best for the kulliyyah.

Tudung everywhere..

Kekurangan golongan Adam

The voting was done electronically. There was quite a big number who was attending the voting. And mostly, we can see that sisters were dominating the colours of people there. The voters were just to equip themselves with matric card (I.C for freshies) and got themselves served with RM 3.00 food voucher at the entrance of the voting venue. =D

Ada je pergi sebab nak kupon. #nooffence

suasana dalam bilik mengundi. Sorry. Gambar kabur sikit.

We are still waiting for any breaking news about the election and winners of the seats of the SRC's board. Hope for the best. Keep on praying for the betterment of IIUM Kuantan.

Sempat bergambar dengan calon dari KOP, Zulhilmi Razali

footnote : Per time of 12.30 pm today, most of the voters were from Kulliyyah of Pharmacy, by 66%. The committees there said that students of KOP have better awareness than that of other Kulliyyahs. *round of applause* 

Monday, 24 September 2012

Cast Your Vote!


Here comes the SRC's General Election 2012/2013 fever, guys!  As other people are buzzing here and there talking about the election and the nominees, we shall not too be left behind by the news and things related to the election.

And I think, we should at least know who are the candidates that will represent our Kulliyyah of Pharmacy. Casting votes are not as simple as attending the lectures and running back to the mahallah for some dinner and chats. It is beyond than that. They, those who we choose, will make our voices heard and to bring up some new yet improving and benefit-based ideas to be materialized.

Sounds interesting, right?

Now let's take a look at our candidates for Kulliyyah of Pharmacy's Constituency.

"I don't even know he or she and how I'm suppose to cast a vote for a person who are totally 'alien' to me?"

Well. Get to know him or her. By means, you can go to their FB profiles and make some stalkings. You can make some judgements through that. And of course, you can always ask your seniors or pals about them and ask for their opinions.

"Why should I vote?"

It's always be better to have our men on our sides, right? So, any inconveniences could be voice out through them easily. And IF they don't carry out their job rightly later on, go directly to their faces, make some troll faces and say, "I've voted you for SRC. Y U NO DO UR JOB PROPERLY?" 

-ok. The last sentence is a joke only. Yet, it's applicable if they really don't do their job.-

Hoyeah! So, cast your vote for the right person, earthlings!

footnote : The Power is in Your Hand! (Celcom ads. o.0)

Saturday, 22 September 2012

'How To Apply Eye Drops' Class


We can't deny that classes of Pharmacy Practice is quite interesting when it comes to the part when we are exposed to the application and knowledge of the real drugs. By not distinguishing from any other classes, class of Dosage Form 1 & 2 really made my eyes wide opened.

Maybe it was about we were dealing with REAL drugs (which have expired if you notice) and we were so eager to know about them. And here, I would like to share a video, recorded by a brother during Madam Siti Halimah Bux class : Dosage Form 2.

'How To Apply Eye Drops' class by:

Madam Siti Halimah Bux Shaikh Rahman Bux

Credit to Nik Muhammad Lukman Mat Zin


Man Locong. 

footnote : Very looking forward to such classes again.. =)

Monday, 17 September 2012

Of The First Week


Here comes the second week of our study at the kulliyyah. Well. Not yet started since today is a public holiday. Oh! By the way, Happy Malaysia Day to all..

#nopoliticaloffence *wink2*

As I recall, we had our 'general election' of the high committees of the batch for this semester. Yeah. It was quite interesting to know that you chose people of your acquaintances. And some parts of the auditorium just said, "We agreed to have him/her to be our high comm.." Yet, as we left the hall, some mumbled, "Who the heaven is he/she anyway??"

Antara high-comm yang ada. Sorry sis. Takde gambar korang la..

Yeah. You may see this kind of situation in many places outside there. We follow the majorities, and we yet to know them. What I'm trying to say here is we should know who our leader is. From that point, we shall know how his working efficiency will be. Then, that may ease us in the future. This is practically applied when we enter the working world as we may deal with many people, with hundreds of backgrounds and working efficiency. We should know how to liaise with people and to trust them.

Ok. You may skip that part. Oh no! You read that already. Thanks for reading. #beingridicule  

Back to main agenda.

"Hang buat pa ni.. Orang lain register course, hang buat benda lain. ."

We just finished our first week of study and the course registration too. So, how did you guys do? Fine? Good to know that. As we'll be having many weeks to come for the lecturers, so I just want to remind ourselves to set our niat to the right path. Come to seek knowledge, and not other motives. There's nothing called E.A.S.Y in the world of studies.

And we might have to be extra alert on the monetary matter as well. o.0 Why?

"Saya bukan ah long, saya cuma nak tolong.."

Of course we need to plan our expenses as the books are quite cheap expensive. So, mind your money. And your friend's money as well (applied to those who have monetary problem with friends). #nooffence

As well, we need to get more sleepy energetic as our classes will be lectures-packed. 8 to 6 perhaps. And yeah. The first week taught us the way of the lecturers teaching at the kulliyyah, so mind to be extra vigilant as the lecture itself is very vital and suffering sufficient for our understanding.

Betapa bestnya kelas minggu ni..

footnote : I have to learn to solve my problem with different tongues.

Saturday, 15 September 2012

White Coat Ceremony


During the first week of the fresh semester, we had few events happened consecutively. Beginning with the White Coat Ceremony, which was held at Auditorium on 7th September 2012, all of us were to attend this ceremonial occasion. This event was held concurrently during the Ta'aruf Program for the September Intake 2012.

White Coat Ceremony is an annual event, aimed to expose the students to the higher management of the kulliyyah. And at the same time, a Bai'ah Session was excellently held there, which after all, is what the ceremony is all about. The ceremony was officiated by the Dean of the Kuliyyah, Dr. Muhammad bin Awang.

Dean sedang beri ucapan..
Tu dia.. Ramai benor sisters. Yang brothers, 2 lines je..
Lelaki Melayu terakhir?? =D
We were introduced to the authority of the kulliyyah, the lecturers and also the procedures, rules and regulations of the kulliyyah. It was quite fascinating to know that your lecturers come from various background and countries. So, we wish to get along with the way of the kulliyyah very harmoniously.

Ba'iah Session diketuai oleh Bro Adli, the Batch Leader..

After the Bai'ah session, we are officially the pharmacy students of the Kulliyyah of Pharmacy, IIUM for the session 2012/2016. *round of applause*

"Hangpa semua kena blajaq leklok nah.. Jangan loklaq ja.. "

So, now! We need to focus on our studies as to complete our degree in Pharmacy in 4 years to come. Above all, our niat of learning should be to gain the knowledge and bless from Allah. InsyaAllah.

footnote : The lecturers looked very warm. Funny for certain.

Rx11 : Our Journey Begins Here


Assalamualaikum w.b.t. Welcome to the blog of IIUM Pharmacy : Batch Rx11, 2012/2016 session. This blog aims to update all activities held in the Kulliyyah of Pharmacy, particularly activities involving the batch of Rx11. Pardon the admin's creativity in making up the blog's appearances. So far, this would be fine, I guess. In time, it would be better.*wink2*

137 pharmacists-in-the-making, which consists of 32 brothers and 105 sisters, are together to make up this new and fresh batch to uphold the mission and vision of the kulliyyah and the university. The batch leader had been chosen (unexpectedly) from among the brothers. He will be shouldering the responsibility for 4 years to come. So, let's cooperate evenly. He is Muhammad Adli bin Mustaffha.

Nothing much to share as we are still fresh and green. Yet, we have so much to face and still have a very long journey to ponder and through. We shall get to know each other in the class, so hopefully our batch will set the best benchmark and attitude to the sight of Allah and people.

And now, Our Journey Begins Here.

footnote : Pardon my bad English. And if there is any of the batch members who wants to contribute to the blog, feel free to bother me through comments here or PM me through FB. =)

theotherfoot : I won't updating about the class schedules and lecturers' note since I believe that updating those through FB is more practical and faster (obviously).