Monday, 17 September 2012

Of The First Week


Here comes the second week of our study at the kulliyyah. Well. Not yet started since today is a public holiday. Oh! By the way, Happy Malaysia Day to all..

#nopoliticaloffence *wink2*

As I recall, we had our 'general election' of the high committees of the batch for this semester. Yeah. It was quite interesting to know that you chose people of your acquaintances. And some parts of the auditorium just said, "We agreed to have him/her to be our high comm.." Yet, as we left the hall, some mumbled, "Who the heaven is he/she anyway??"

Antara high-comm yang ada. Sorry sis. Takde gambar korang la..

Yeah. You may see this kind of situation in many places outside there. We follow the majorities, and we yet to know them. What I'm trying to say here is we should know who our leader is. From that point, we shall know how his working efficiency will be. Then, that may ease us in the future. This is practically applied when we enter the working world as we may deal with many people, with hundreds of backgrounds and working efficiency. We should know how to liaise with people and to trust them.

Ok. You may skip that part. Oh no! You read that already. Thanks for reading. #beingridicule  

Back to main agenda.

"Hang buat pa ni.. Orang lain register course, hang buat benda lain. ."

We just finished our first week of study and the course registration too. So, how did you guys do? Fine? Good to know that. As we'll be having many weeks to come for the lecturers, so I just want to remind ourselves to set our niat to the right path. Come to seek knowledge, and not other motives. There's nothing called E.A.S.Y in the world of studies.

And we might have to be extra alert on the monetary matter as well. o.0 Why?

"Saya bukan ah long, saya cuma nak tolong.."

Of course we need to plan our expenses as the books are quite cheap expensive. So, mind your money. And your friend's money as well (applied to those who have monetary problem with friends). #nooffence

As well, we need to get more sleepy energetic as our classes will be lectures-packed. 8 to 6 perhaps. And yeah. The first week taught us the way of the lecturers teaching at the kulliyyah, so mind to be extra vigilant as the lecture itself is very vital and suffering sufficient for our understanding.

Betapa bestnya kelas minggu ni..

footnote : I have to learn to solve my problem with different tongues.


Anonymous said...

wow, efficacy. new vocab ke naz? hehe

Rx11@IIUM said...

haha... xde la baru. cuma dah lama x guna..