Thursday, 27 September 2012

'Loving Rasulullah' by Dean of KoP


Last two days, there was a tazkirah given by the Dean of Kulliyyah of Pharmacy, Dr Muhammad bin Awang after the Zuh'r prayer at KOP Musolla. So, I want to share what he has delivered.

(I only took some points from his tazkirah) He said...

Dr Muhammad Awang memulakan bicara..

- We ought to have the real love for Rasullullah s.a.w. In what way? By executing his sunnah at all time. And it is not impossible for us to carry out all his daily sunnah as the sunnah shown by him is for our own benefit. We may do so step by step, since our adaptability to the sunnah is still green.

- How to measure the love we have for Rasulullah? Compare what his companions (r.anhum) had to ours. If Saidina Abu Bak'r As-Siddiq can defend Rasulullah s.a.w. by sacrificing his own feet when being beaten by snake in the Cave of Tsur, If many sahaabah were willingly to die for Rasulullah, If Saidina Umar Al-Khattab could defend Rasulullah s.a.w in front of many Musyrikiin, what more of us? And obviously we cannot compare the love we have for him to the sahabaah's. Yet, it is not impossible for us to improve.

- One of the biggest sunnah that we should practice is by praying in congregational (in Jamaah). As we know, the reward we have for praying in Jamaah is 27 folds as compared to praying alone. So, we ought to grab the 5-times opportunities EVERYDAY. In Kulliyyah of Pharmacy, we have about 600++ students only and by means of that, the musolla here should be fully packed. So, I hope that all students and staffs here can enliven the spirit of sunnah of congregational prayer in KOP.

- Khalas -

Beberapa pensyarah yang turut hadir.. #macamkenal
Actually, there're many things that our beloved Dean told. Yet, the main thing is he's urging us to do Solat in Jamaah. That's how we should express our love towards Rasulullah s.a.w. Protect him from any harm (by means of his name, his akhlak, etc..). Spend some selawat everyday. InsyaAllah, love can be developed and unconditional. If Rasulullah can love his ummat that he himself has never met, why cannot us?


footnote : He is a very good Dean.


Aiman Najwa said...

Saya pernah terjumpa anak dean KOP.. She's nice.. Like her father.. May Allah Bless them always..

DPMM Dato' Seri Bentara Setia Muizzudin Al-Hajj said...


Rx11@IIUM said...

dato muiz, aiman refers 'she' as the daughter of the dean..

kawan Dato Muiz said...

alhamdulillah.,bangga aku dapat dean cmni..ada daughter lak tu..how old is she uh?hihihi

Rx11@IIUM said...

itu kene tanya aiman la.. sbb dia yg terjumpa daughter dean tu.. =)