Thursday, 13 December 2012

When The Rx Goes Marching In


It's been awhile actually since admin's last update. Many things happened during that period of time and since the admin is the sole author for the blog, kinda hard to manage my time. So I beg for your understanding. Chillax yeah!!

Ok. Recently, IIUM Kuantan Open Day (IKOD) 2013 was successfully organized by SRC IIUMK, in collaboration with all Kulliyyah-Based Societies (KBS) and Non KBS. The program was held at Office of Campus Director (OCD) square. It was tremendously awesome because we can find many splendid activities and mini programmes held for the sake of the visitors. There were Chocolate Fair, Book Fair, International Booths, Fruit Festivals, Bazaar, Forums, Talks, Singing Competition, Marching Competition and many more.. *AWESOME*

Even students from Gombak and CFS IIUM also journeyed here to merry up this joyful event.. o.0

And our contribution, the Rx11 was in MARCHING COMPETITION. Adding to that awesomeness is the platoon was conducted and marched by our SISTERS. (How brutal great our sisters are!!)

The details about the marching were informed less than a week and in that one week time, a platoon was formed, the formation and costumes were designed, all creativity oozed out of sudden, the practice was done and we go marching in~~

o.0 Yeah, quite rush actually but we've made to won
Our tears and blood were paid off. And I believe if our platoon were to complete the number of 30 persons, we can make the first place... (yakin je~~)

And here are the photos during the week of marching-fever. Enjoy!!

"Skuad, formasi bermula!!"
"Skuad, awat teghabuq ni...!!"
"Hat ni, hang kene kaler lagu ni.. baru semat hang tau!!" kata presiden IPHA
"Aku rasa warna kuning tak lawa langsung..." kata Izzuddin
"Kau ni buta warna tahap gaban ke apa! Lawa tu..." balas Afif
"Ko tau Joyah, aku bakar benda ni kat rumah, laki aku punya la mengamuk..."
"Eh2!! Sama la ngan laki aku..."
the Marching Beauties
"Mak, pahni ceq nak kawat ni.. Doakan la ceq menang nah!!"
"Oi2!! Sempat lagi bergayut dia ni.. Kitorg ni sapa nak bagi command??"
Practice dulu...
credit to : I-Press
Doa dulu.. Tengah jalan pon boleh la~~~
Datin tak join ke..? haha.. Gurau ye. Lawa baju ko!!
We Marching In~~~
"Skuad!! Luruskan barisan!!"
*tak lurus hangpa ni.*
Kawat Formasi.. di kacau oleh Bacteria & Virus
Introducing.. Our beloved Bacteria and Virus!!
Errr.. Apa function Muiz kat situ?? #musykil haha
Our team!!
Alhamdulillah.. With His Blessing, we managed to won that place, in a given short time of notice and with full-pack classes.. (HOYEAH!!)

footnote : When Rx11 goes marching in~~

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