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A bit formal this time, ok! EHEM2..

Today, 3rd November 2012, IPHA RACE 2012 was organized excellently by the IIUM Pharmacy Student's Society (IPHA). This annual event took it place at all over the IIUM Kuantan, Indera Mahkota Campus, which was initiated at Kulliyyah of Pharmacy. The remarkable program was officiated by Assc. Prof. Dr. Mohamad Haniki, on behalf of the Dean of KOP, Dr. Muhammad.

"Bang, kalau pemenang nak tulis nama kat mana..?" =)
"Ni.. hangpa cek la nama hangpa, ic suma2 tu. Jangan duk kalut sangat.."
"Strategi~~ Strategi~~" kata Afif
"Bale diorang ni.. Rambut aku dah semat2 ni tak nak tengok plak..."

Komiti pun nak jugak...

The program started at around 8 a.m with registration, breakfast, opening and launching ceremony, briefing and warming-up session. The warming-up session was conducted by the athlete of our batch (guess him yourselves.. o.0).

"Hangpa semua dengaq sini. Pahni kita buat stretching. Instructor baik punya. Import dari Putrajaya.."
Poco-poco~~~ (comel je Aiman buat camtu.. hahaha)
There were 9 checkpoints representing 9 buildings that the participants ought to go. Had some tasks (damn hard!!), we had our stickers, complete all the checkpoints and return to KOP. The tasks were mostly physicals and there were also tasks that play around with mental strategies.

But when I said physical, I really mean PHYSICAL. One of the tasks that my group had was we have to go Kulliyyah of Dentist (the clue is SYSTEMA~~). So, we ran like hell as if like we are chased by dogs. Then, when we reached the checkpoint, the task given was :

"Ok. You need to run about this place four times and two of you have to go to the center and cry, "PHARMACY~~" without losing your breath. And make sure your friends finish the 4x running before you lose your breath.."

Hoyeah!! The tiring feeling was heavenly indescribable. (At last, we got penalty. haha)

Ok. I don't want to make some story-telling anymore (bukannya hampa nak baca pon kan.. haha). Here are some photos taken during the race. ENJOY!!

"Awat payah sangat nak susun benda ni.."
"Ko kene aim elok2 tau. Kalau tak, kene mandi bunga.." kata komiti
"Takpe bang. saya sharp shooter!!" 
"Bale! Satu pun tak kene. Kata sharp shooter.
Last2 aku yang kene mandi bunga. Dua kali pulak tu.."

"Hangpa pahni kene rasa masakan kami. Kene blindfold tau.." kata akak komiti
"Kami ok je nak rasa2 makanan ni. Kami dulu apply masterchef.."
"Hang kene mengucap awal2. Kot2 la pengsan makan masakan akak tu nanti.
Mai aku ajaq hang mengucap.."
"Aku dah habaq kat hang. Akak tu masak tak sedap. Loya teruih tekak aku ni.."
"Selamat menjamu selera ye di dapur Masterchef akak ni.."
"Sedap pulak bihun letak dengan susu pekat ni.. Ko mampu buat..?"
"Ni cara letak bola pingpong kat dalam sudu tau.."

"Senang je buat ni.. #likeaboss "
"Dah alang2 last team ni, pegang je belon tu.. hahaha"
This is my personal comment about the race. Overall, the race was great. Really great. However, there were some unpleasant mumbling that I heard (including mine). The matter is there are committee that cannot give command of the task rightfully. Meaning, by my guessing, he/she does not really understand how the task should be carried out. Plus, he rule of that (particular) checkpoint was not highlighted carefully. So, I hope in the future, WE can really help each other to better this annual event. #PEACEnoWAR

Oh yeah! From all 4 groups representative, ONLY ONE managed to make a place.

And the winner is ........(drum rolling)..........

LOL~~ Congratulations from us! (who only managed to win consolation prizes)

Above all, IPHA RACE 2012 really rock the day!! Thank you and sorry to all committees that involved in making this event a success. Congratz to all of you!!

Footnote : Next year, it's our turn to conduct IPHA RACE. So, BE READY!!

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